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"It's about time we had a talk. Isn't it Dearie?"

She's frozen, hands to her sides, staring into the face on the worst man she knows, and she can't do anything to save herself.

"What do you want Gold?"

She spits out the words as best she can through her locked teeth. She can't tell if it's from fear or some sort of spell. She is guessing the later.

He spreads his hands.

"I got bored, wanted to know how the famous Sheriff was solving my little riddle. Have you put together the clues? Have you noticed?"

"Noticed what?" She hisses, trying to break whatever spell he has put on her, but it was useless.

"Well I can't just tell you that would ruin the surprise! Stop trying to take away the rising action, we all love a good plot line," he smirks, laughter in his eyes.

She hates the joking tone of his voice, the lightness of his actions. Like he isn't threatening everyone she loves. His voice sounds more like he is discussing the weather, or an inside joke, not his evil death plan.

"Well, I'm not going to spoil it, I'll admit I have another reason to pay you this little visit," he admits, tilting his head.

"And what would that be? Wanted to make sure I hadn't forgotten about you? That I hadn't gotten bored of your games?"

What reason could the Dark one have to visit her, when she knew he already had a plan to ruin her life? He wasn't the type to ruin a good build up. 

His face is cold under his smile, and he takes a step forward. She can smell the magic radiating off him, thick and suffocatingly bitter. 

" I know you have my wife, I know you are keeping her from me. Tell me where she is, so she doesn't have to endure your parents behavior any longer, and come back to where she belongs."

If she could have moved she would have doubled over laughing. He can't honestly believe that they would let her anywhere near Belle after what he's done.

"I hate to break it to you, but your life is over. Belle knows exactly who you are, exactly what kind of person you've become. She will never take you back. She would never sink that low."

In a flash she's flown back, head smacking the wall hard. Her lungs heave but can't take in any air. Whatever spell he's cast its sitting on top of her chest, crushing her lungs.

Gold saunters forward, but where she saw laughter earlier, there is now rage.

Spots flash in front of her eyes, dancing in front of her vision, reminding her brain that it still hasn't had any oxygen. She's gasping, loud and harsh in the quiet room, her head spinning. Her chest seizes, and her arms stop to go limp as she weakly tries to free herself from the spell.

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