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    "This is useless"
    "Come on, there has to be something"
    "If you haven't noticed, I happen to be a queen and that means my word is law bookworm"

    Belle sighed. She had been locked in with Regina in this tiny storage room for what felt like years, even though it couldn't have been more than a day. At this point she was ready to start banging her head on the table just to have some sort of change.

    She knew this was the safest place to be, she knew that Gold was an unstoppable force and a terrible threat to her and the people around her. That was the man she had married, and everyday it scared her.
Emma had been the one to suggest hiding Belle in Regina's vault, knowing that it was protected and Regina could put up additional protection. It was smart, but Belle and the Queen hadn't exactly been the best of friends, so she didn't have to like it.

    "You're telling me there is nothing in this room that can help us figure out his plan?"
    Regina turned and looked at her with bored cold eyes.
    "It's not like we have a lot to go on," Regina said, "He's not exactly an open book. And if you have anything to add to this, please speak up"

    Regina turned her back on her, nose buried in a spell book. They were trying to get any clues to what her husband was plotting, grasping at any ideas, any random threads that struck them as twisted enough to be likely.
It wasn't going well.
    "I knew him for so many years," Regina muttered, flipping through the pages, "how is it that he still manages to surprise me."

    "What do you mean?" Belle spoke up.
    Regina shut the book, releasing a sigh.
    "I've known your husband for decades and decades, I've witnessed hundreds of his schemes and tricks," she stated.

    "Well? Shouldn't I know him well enough to have a guess and what his plan is? Shouldn't I be familiar enough with his style to know what's going on in his head? He trained me to be the villain that I was, and yet I have no idea what kind of villain he is going to be this time. It's always changing."

    Regina looked defeated, tired and worn, and Belle sympathized. She was never going to go back to Gold, but she would always feel guilt for the things that he'd done when they were together, and the person he was. He had ruined Reginas life for so long, and it hurt to know that Belle had married him anyway.

    But she had married him...

    She took a deep breath, massaging her temples when it struck her.
    "Listen. I know you knew Rumple for a long time, longer than I have. But that doesn't mean you knew him better. Im his wife, and I know the man I married better than anyone on this earth," she said, an idea starting to form.

    Regina didn't look impressed.

    "So I may not know what he has planned, but I know how he works. I know how he thinks and how he takes revenge. I've seen it many times over."

    Regina tilted her head, considering.

    "So you're saying that you know what he wants to do? But not how he is going to do it," Regina asks, raised eyebrows.

    The idea is catching flame in Belles mind, igniting the more she thought about it.

    "Gold thinks in ways only I can understand because of how much he let me in on. He won't care about anyone else in this town excrept three people. Emma, Hook and me. Everyone else is meaningless. He might threaten to hurt Emmas family, but you know he loves Henry like a true grandson and he owes The Charmings for the leniency they have shown him in the past."

    "And me?" Regina asks.
    Belle sighed.
    "You're just a tool for the enemy in his eyes."
    The Queen looked taken aback for a split second, but quickly masked it with cold indifference.

    "So why would he care about Emma? I get Hook, there is a long history there, not to mention recent developments with him killing him and all. But Emma is the mother to his grandson, why would he want to hurt her?"
    The words hurt because she knew if there was anything human in Rumple, he wouldn't want to hurt Emma. This was the proof. Proof we was nothing but a monster.

    "Well why did he want to kidnap her in the first place?" She asked rhetorically
    Understanding dawned on Regina's face.
    "He wanted to strip her powers. To break the barrier, escape the town!" She exclaimed, but then her face fell and Belle knew why.

    "But he can't now-he doesn't have you," Regina spat, "His grand plans for escaping with you and starting a new life are gone and he's taking revenge out on Emma and Hook because they were the ones that refused to cooperate with his insane plan. He's punishing Hook for coming in her place and Emma for having the audacity to want to live."

    It felt like she was going to throw up.

    "He's sick," she muttered, "He knows I'd never go with him, now that I know what he's still capable, even comfortable doing."

    "That still doesn't answer the question, what is his plan?" Regina mused, " Surely if he just wanted to kill them he would have attacked by now? Why wait?"

    "Because he'd want to make it hurt. Hurt more than anything he could do in a random attack, he'd want to make it special," she whispered, sick to her stomach.

    She could hear the words Regina was speaking as if she was underwater, background noise floating in the distance. Something was tugging at the back of her mind, something Rumple had mentioned, a spell or a curse. Something that could get into people's heads and figure out their worst nightmares, or their biggest dreams.

    Something he'd promised her he would never use again...

    "Oh my God. We need to talk to Hook. NOW!".

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