Betrayal and Broken Hearts

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This chapter is from Emma's POV and its about how she reacts when she finds out what happened last chapter :)


Emma woke to the unusual sound of silence. She glanced at the clock 5:45.

What the hell was she doing up so early.

This was unnatural.

Still, even for such a painful hour, she should have heard some noise. David usually got up around 45 minutes ago. She winced when she realized she hadn't warned Hook about that particular detail. He was not a morning person. She briefly thought about trying to go back asleep, but she knew that there was not a chance of that. She wasn't one to fall asleep when the sun was awake.

She couldn't be bothered with changing out of her tank top, so she just pulled on a pair of comfortable, well worn jeans, and left her hair like it was. Which was messy. But it was barely light out anyway so who cared.

Her thoughts shifted to last nights kiss. She had had another flashback. This time it had been longer, her brain imagining events that had never really happened. Hook slumping over, eyes blank, chest still, dust falling from The Dark One's hand. She had pulled away, because it was so hard. So hard to look at him without seeing that night happen all over again. She had said goodbye and left him in the hallway, a look on his face that echoed the one he had worn back in neverland, after she had walked away from their first kiss.

She had waited until she could hear his footsteps retreating down the stairs until she allowed the tears to stream down her face. She was scared as hell. And Emma Swan was never scared. And that alone terrified her. She couldn't lose anyone else she cared about.

She wouldn't be able to take it.

So her automatic reaction was to not to care. It was to push everyone and anyone away until pain no longer felt like a knife and sorrow no longer broke her heart every. Single. Time. There were countless examples. Her foster parents, her foster siblings. Lily. Neal. In the course of her entire life, she had never let anyone really get to her. Until Storybrooke.

But she couldn't be that girl anymore. She didn't have to be that girl anymore.

She didn't want to be that girl anymore.

She straightened up. She should apologize to Hook. She should explain.

But the house was still too quiet.

Puzzled, she crept downstairs.

And what she saw there shook her down to her core.

The door was broken in, splinters of wood scattered around the living room. It looked as if it had been kicked in, but who could possibly have enough force to do that much damage?

And then there was her parents. Her father sat with his head in his hands in his favorite armchair. Her mother was standing next to him hand on his back, whispering words of comfort.

But it was their eyes as they looked up at her that scared her the most.

Questions flew out of her mouth.

"What happened? Are you alright? Where's Henry?"

Her parents eyes were filled with heartache, but not for themselves she realized. They were looking at her like someone might look at someone at a funeral of someone close to them. Like they were terrified for her. If Henry was in danger, they would be torn up for not only her, but for themselves, because Henry was family. But if...

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