I need you to be safe.

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Authors Note: This chapter was so incredibly fun to write. Emma's POV is super easy for me to channel (That kind of sounds like Im communicating with ghost :/ )

Get ready to read some fluff! The angst is in another few chapters, but I promise, its worth the wait!

Thank you again for anyone reading what my muse created.

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An hour and 10 Mario Kart games later, (and only one angry phone call!) David finally got of the phone, and they ordered pizza. Due to the incredible reputation this household had at the pizza station, the entire crew sat down for dinner 5 minutes after ordering

Pizza was heaven.

She'd decided a long time ago that she wasn't sure if God existed, but that was mostly due to the fact she had had a seriously crappy home life, and it was hard to believe anyone was up there listening.

But Pizza was with no doubt a gift from something godly.

Apparently, the phone call David had been having for almost two hours was with Regina. They had been discussing tactics to find and capture The Dark One. She felt a small stab of guilt for not contributing to the conversation, but honestly, at this point she didn't think finding him was an option.

He would find them. All they could do was be ready.

The talk at the table moved on until they were discussing more mundane subjects like what kinds of movies were showing at Storybrooke's one singular theater, and whether or not the Patriots would win the next game. Unbelievable. You could literally put the most powerful dark sorcerer within the small town which stretched only a few miles and the boys still wouldn't stop caring about football.

She was trying to communicate with her family as much as possible. Moments like these were rare when you hunted evil fairytale villains for a living. But the fact that Hook was holding her hand underneath the table, rubbing small circles into the palm made it rather hard to concentrate. She could have sworn she saw him smirking.

He was infuriating.

She let it slide. Just this once.

The topic of conversation switched to Belle.

The poor girl had no idea of what her husband had been up to. Emma had been the one to break the news to her and was fairly sure she had heard the shattering of ceramic as she left the shop. She felt terrible for the girl. Though she had clearly not given Belle enough credit. She had always seen the book loving princess as a work of porcelain. Fragile. But the day after Emma had told her that The Dark One was very much back and very, very much dark, she had walked into the station, head held high, and had started suggesting places to search. After all, she had know Rumpelstiltskin better than anyone. She was invaluable in the search to find him.

"I just can't imagine what she must be going through" Her mother whispered.

"None of us can" Her father responded.

Her mother turned to David taking his face in her hands and looking stern.

"Promise never to become an insane dark sorcerer."

The words were joking, but their was an undercurrent of seriousness no one missed.

"I promise."

Snow smiled and planted a quick kiss on Davids lips, but no one talked much about Belle after that.


It was after dinner, and the mood was sleepy. Well, maybe the mood was awake, and she was just exhausted. Either way, she was more than ready to fall into bed and hopefully not be woken until noon the next day.

There was just one thing left to do.

"Will you stay?"

Her parents were putting the baby to bed, and Henry was furiously playing Mario Kart in the corner. Being beaten by Killian consistently for 11 rounds seemed to have made him even more determined to win. Killian was standing in the middle of the living room, the leather jacket even she couldn't persuade him to drop (admittedly she hadn't tried very hard) in his hands. He was getting ready to leave, like he usually did, right after David served his famous Cookies and Cream ice cream.

This was a routine she had never disrupted. But things were different now. Rumpelstiltskin was still out there, and it wasn't exactly classified information that the two of them had a blood feud. She was sure that The Dark One would have killed him That Night. And she was also sure he wouldn't hesitate if he had another chance. He wasn't safe out there.

And she needed him safe.

He turned at her words, eyebrows drawing together.

"What was that Love?"

She took a deep breath.

"Will you stay?"

He raised an eyebrow.

Oh dear God.

She blushed scarlet.

"Not like that" she half scoffed, half stammered.

Hook had the audacity to smirk. She wanted to smack him. 

"Its just that..." she started not making eye contact "Rumpelstiltskin is not the kind of person you want to cross, but I guess you kind of already know that" She stated awkwardly, wincing.




"So." She said firmly. "So he's out there. And he hates you."

"Two facts I was actually aware of."

"Just shut up a minute."

He was silent.

"Hes out there and he hates you and it's not safe."

The words came out too fast, almost non cohesive. 

"Its not safe." She clarified.

He started to say something, but she cut him off.

"And don't even think about spouting some I can take care of myself crap because we both know that it's not true. Not against Rumpelstiltskin. Not this time."

Rumpelstiltskin was more powerful than he had ever been before. He had proven that many times over. And Hook might have been able to take him on 300 years ago, but there was the simple fact that he had magic now. And Hook didn't. That gave The Dark One a distinct and terrifying advantage.

She continued.

"And, and I don't know. I just-. I just really want you to be safe."

She waited for him to protest, to say some stereotypical line about pride and then leave.

God knows that's what she would have done.

But he said nothing, and after several seconds of silence she was forced to look up. There was a strange expression on his face. She could usually read his emotions so clearly. Everyones emotions were clear to her. It came with being a lie detector/hit woman/mom.

But his face was unfamiliar. And before she could try to decipher it, he bent his head. Took her hands in his. Cleared his throat.

"I would love to stay."

His voice was uneven.

She didn't even bother to try to hold back a smile.

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