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Mika's POV

Right now I'm here at VSG corp a company here in Manila for an interview I heard that this is one of the most successful company here in the Philippines the eagerness of people to work here is very apparent as there are many other interviewees here I'm just waiting to be called

Lady at the desk : "next ! "

I stood up and went to the desk

Lady at the dask : " name please?"

Mika : "Mika Reyes po "

Lady at the desk : "okay, Ms. Kim Fajardo will see you now "

Mika : "thank you "

I went in the door where I was told to

Mika: "uhm good morning po ma'am "

I greeted as I saw her in the room

Kim: " good morning Mika right?"

Mika: "ahh yes po Mika Reyes "

I reached my hand out for a hand shake which she gladly took and shook my hand

Kim:" you may sit down and we will start"

I sat down and my interview started.

- - - - - - -> skip interview <- - - - - -

Still Mika's POV

My interview just ended I was walking through the fancy looking hallways of this building. I think my interview went well I really hope I get this job it would help me a lot

I was snapped out of my deep thoughts when I suddenly bump into someone

Person : " shit! "

I saw his things fell into the ground

Mika : "I'm really sorry sir "

I kneel down helping him pick the things up

Person : " its okay just watch where you're going next time "

The person stood up and reached his hand out to help me I took the hand and got up still looking at the floor with embarrassment

Mika : "sorry sir I didn't mean it "

Person : " again its okay just watch where you're going and stop calling me 'sir' "

Huh? Well what was I suppose to call him? I mean it seems proper for me to call him 'sir' since we're here in a very formal place. I slowly look up to see the person's face for the first time and...



Mika: " ay sorry akala ko lalake ka"

I shyly said

Person : " its okay I get that a lot I'm Vic by the way "

She reached her hand out again for a shake hand this time I took her hand for a shake hand

Mika : "Mika and again I'm really sorry "

Vic : "its okay but I really have to go if you don't mind I would like my hand back "

She said with a smile

That's when I realized that I was still holding her hand I quickly let go and felt my cheek heat up

Mika: " sorry "

She let out a small laugh because of my reaction

Vic : "okay I have to go see you around "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!