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Mika's POV


I can feel Vic's hand around my waist tightly.

She had never let go of me ever since we got here

As expected there's so much people here

Cienne : " ayun sila oh "

Cienne pointed at the table across from us

We had to push through a crowd to get there and Vic's hand even held me tighter

When we reached the table

There was Kim, Cyd and Carol.

Kim : " hi- oh wow Mika "

She looked at me from my head to my toe

Vic : " Kim yang mata mo sasapakin kita "

I don't know if Vic is serious or not but Kim just laughed

Kim : " easy Vic to naman di mabiro"

She tapped Vic's shoulder

Kim : " but seriously tho Mika you look great "

Mika : " thanks Kimmy "

We all hugged each other before sitting down of course I sat beside Vic

Carol : " so dahil birthday celebration toh ni Cyd siya unang sho-shot "

We all laughed.

I looked at our table and it's full of tiny glasses

Ghad what is that drink I'm still not familiar with these things

Cyd grabbed one and just drink it all
After drinking she lifted the glass

And we all screamed 'happy birthday!'

Kim : " okay it's our turn "

They all grabbed a glass Vic gave me one

Vic : " can you drink this? "

Mika : " uhm yeah oo "

I hesitantly said

Vic : " sure ka ha "

I nodded and grabbed the glass she handed me

Kim : " okay 1, 2, 3! "

We all drink when Kim got to 3


Ohmy ang init sa lalamunan

But it does taste good.


Our shots went on and on and on and on and on all throughout the night we had some beer also


I think we're all drunk which is not good

Kim : " chyd lika sayaw tayo "

Cyd didn't get to answer cause Kim basically pulled her to the dance floor

After just a few minutes Carol and Cienne followed them in the dance floor

So I decided

Mika : " c'mon Vic let's dance "

I stood up and to my surprise she actually stood up and held my hand to lead me to the dance floor

Gosh there's is so much people here how can you even dance

Vic put both of her hands on my waist

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!