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1 month later...

Vic's POV

Vic : " I'll see you later, okay "

Mika : " yes, love "

She kissed me on my cheek before going out from my car when she closed her door she looked at me again and...

Mika : " don't skip any meals ah "

Vic : " opo, love "

Mika : " good I love you "

Vic : " I love you too! "

I waited for her to get in the building before I drove off to my building so yeah that has been our daily routine it's a good thing that her building is very close to mine so na hahatid sundo ko pa rin siya

* insert ringtone *

Text message

From : My Mika 💖

Lunch ko na love eat yours na ha

To : My Mika 💖

Yes po love enjoy your meal I love and miss you!

From : My Mika 💖

I will, I love and miss you too!

Mika's POV

Medyo kanina pa ako nag hihintay dito sa labas ng building ko na san na kaya si Vic hindi naman na la-late yun lalo na sa pag hatid at sundo sakin

Maya maya she's jogging towards me na

Vic : " love, sorry if I kept you waiting kanina ka pa ba? "

Mika : " di naman masyado na san yung kotse mo? "

Vic : " nandun sa may gilid ayaw ko na ipasok kasi mag uuturn pa ako eh"

Mika : " ahh okay "

We started to walk towards where her car was we were holding hands

Vic : " love sorry talaga kung pinag hintay kita "

Mika : " love, I told you already it's okay "

She just gave me a genuine but apologetic smile hehe cute ng Vic KO.

[ inside the car ]

Mika : " why are you late anyway? "

I asked her as we were buckling our seatbelts

Vic : " well I picked up my things from my house already "

I looked that the backseat and there was a duffle bag

Mika : " things for what love? "

Vic : " well we were planning to go to Bulacan tomorrow, right? "

Mika : " yeah and? "

Vic : " I just thought why not we go now para you can spend more time with them I know how much you miss them "

Mika : " Vic you don't have to I mean galing ka sa trabaho tapos mag dridrive ka pa "

Vic : " no love really it's okay "

She took my hand and held it tight as she started to drive.

Hays what did I do to deserve such a perfect person that she is. I'm so lucky I have her.

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!