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Mika's POV

" love! Mika! "

" Mika please "

That's the first thing I heard when I enter the room

I saw Vic laying in the bed crying but with her eyes closed

She's having a bad dream she's shaking and crying

I came up to her and lightly tapped her cheek

Mika : " Vic wake up "

Mika : " love! Wake up! "

Her eyes finally opened she has this shock look on her face

Vic : " love "

She hugged me and started to cry again

Mika : " shhhh love it's okay it was just a dream "

I rubbed her back trying to calm her down

She let go from the hug and cupped my face with both of her hands

Vic : "  I love you "

She sincerely said while looking in my eyes

She smashed her lips against mine

She let go from the kiss and looked at me again

Vic : " never leave me "

She kissed me again

This time I'm the one who let go from the kiss.

Mika : " NEVER. now let's go gutom lang yan "

I pulled her up and led her to the dinning area

Vic : " ikaw talaga nag luto niyan? "

She asked when she saw the bowl full of sinigang

Mika : " oo naman c'mon let's try it "

We sat down beside each other and was the who put food on her plate

Vic : " love ang dami naman "

Mika : " madami kakainin mo syempre masarap yan eh "

Vic's POV

Lord help me sana po hindi ako malason sa luto ni Mika

I mean this is the FIRST TIME na nag luto siya ng hindi lang prito

Pray for me ang dami pa naman ng nilagay niya sa plato ko.

Here goes nothing

I scooped a big spoon full of it and...



Mika stared at me waiting for my reaction

Vic : " love promise ikaw nag luto neto? "

Mika : " oo naman masarap ba? "

Vic : " super, how? Pano ka natuto mag luto "

Mika : " YouTube, Cooking book and of course with a little help from manang Pileng "

Vic : " it's really good "

I kept eating it

Vic : " love alam mo pwede ka na mag asawa "

After saying that I winked at her making her blush

She playfully slapped my arm and we continued to eat.


TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!