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This Baby|| Dyleon Fanfic by foolishlyicarus
This Baby|| Dyleon Fanficby Bb8
Bea De Leon from Poveda meets Kim Kianna Dy from DLSZ. An unexpected path is ahead of them as destiny may not be on their side. Is this a love story? Disclaimer: All fi...
203% by Team_MikaReyes
203%by Team_MikaReyes
They got drunk and married in Vegas.
Volleybelles One-shots by Team_MikaReyes
Volleybelles One-shotsby Team_MikaReyes
KaRa, JhoBea, AlyDen, MikaSa, MiBea, etc. short stories. Drabbles in my head put into paper.
Crazy by Team_MikaReyes
Crazyby Team_MikaReyes
She was crazy. She made me crazy. But I was crazier because I was falling in love with her.
Past love? by dazaixoxo
Past love?by dazaixoxo
IZANA KUROKAWA FANFICTION Do we still have the sparks as we used to have? Do you still love me? care about me? Didn't we agree to part our ways? Then why can't I get yo...
18 by _dadummy
18by theregoesanother
"...and then she met her past along with her present." Book 2 of MikaSa fanfiction titled 17
The One for Me - Mika Reyes & Ara Galang by jjayalejandros
The One for Me - Mika Reyes & Ara...by Mich Cobbita
A mika reyes and ara galang fan fiction
My Kuya's Girlfriend by _HGMC15
My Kuya's Girlfriendby Grace
another MikaSa fanfic.
[COMPLETED] a Miko Reyes and Kyline Alcantara Fanfiction #AFIWHwp ©️Full credits to the owner of all the pictures used in the story
I Wouldn't Mind by GreatLover88
I Wouldn't Mindby Budoy
A choice between the person in your dreams and the person who made your dreams come true. Who would you choose to spend forever with?
Begin Again - A KaRa (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang) Fanfiction by taftsunshines
Begin Again - A KaRa (Mika Reyes...by taftsunshines
Three years ago, Mika and Ara decided to part ways and take on the world without each other. But when challenges and struggles forced their paths to cross once again, th...
Fixing A Broken Heart (Mika Reyes /alyssa Valdez) by _HGMC15
Fixing A Broken Heart (Mika Reyes...by Grace
" when you love Someone ,you'll do everything to make her happy " #TeamBABE
Faking It by yeahonetwothree
Faking Itby yeahonetwothree
It is a story of a friend who is forced to be in a fake relationship to help her friend revenge to her ex-boyfriend. Mika Reyes x Ara Galang KaRa FanFic
The Wedding by _dadummy
The Weddingby theregoesanother
It was just like any other day for Ara Galang when she noticed the student in front of her staggering and soon fainting. As any human would do, she helped him out from b...
Starting Over Again | Completed √ by BAEryl
Starting Over Again | Completed √by Beryl Orcales
Longtime couple Thomas and Ara are practically inseparable, so when they split up, it's not very surprising how hurt they were. Then, they run into each other again year...
My Babe-rything (My Everything) by BatangInsekyora
My Babe-rything (My Everything)by miii
Everything is great. Everything is fine. Or so she thought... Try lang😁✌ #TeamBabe💚💙 #MikaSa
Mika x reader Completed by pudding-_-head
Mika x reader Completedby Kozume.kenma
The war is over all the vampires are dead and Mika is now a human