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2 weeks later...

Vic's POV

It's been a few since my parents left my house and as what Mika and I talked about she started to live with me

I slowly stood up trying my best not to wake Mika up who's laying her head on my chest

I moved slowly and placed a pillow on her head before going to the bathroom

I'm halfway done doing my morning rituals I'm brushing my teeth right now when the bathroom door opened and Mika came in not caring I was there and sat on the toilet, she's peeing.

It's only been a few day since we lived together but this has become a habit for us

After doing her business she went to the sink where I am and started to brush her teeth as well

I waited for her to finish

When she's done she face me

Mika : " good morning, love "

She gave my lips and quick kiss

Vic : " good morning to you too "

We went down to the dinning area where our breakfast is already prepared by manang Pileng

While we were eating...

Mika : " love pwede mo ako samahan mamaya? "

Vic : " san? "

Mika : " sa mall bibili ako heels medyo uncomfortable na kasi yung ginagamit ko "

Vic : " yeah sure "

She finished her meal while I still had my coffee to drink

Mika : " maligo na ako ha "

I just nodded and kept drinking my coffee

She stood up from beside me and went upstairs to the bathroom

I finished my coffee already

Mika : " love ikaw naman! "

She shouted from upstairs

I went up when I got in OUR room she was wrapped in a towel

Mika : " mata mo Vic "

Opppssiee. I got caught.

Vic : " sorry sexy mo lang kasi "

I went closer to her and wrapped my hand around her waist and pulled her close to me

She wrapped her arms around my neck and without any hesitation I kissed her and she responded

Our kiss deepened and I held on to her waist tighter I started to kiss down to her jaw and neck but she pulled me up and kissed my lips again and let go

Mika : " maligo ka na malalate tayo "

She said and escaped from my grip.

Ughhh. BITIN.

I let out a sigh and went to the bathroom

When I got out of the bathroom Mika was not there she probably went downstairs

But I saw everything that I need prepared on the bed already she's just the sweetest and the most caring girlfriend ever.

When I was done getting ready I went down and saw Mika talking to Manang Pileng

Vic : " tara na baka ma traffic tayo "

She nodded and we bid our farewell to manang Pileng

When we got in the car

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!