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Author : take note of the 'Vic' and 'Vik'. 'Vic' is Ara while 'Vik' is their son :)

Vic's POV

- January 4 -

Mika : " love... "

I heard Mika whisper as my eyes are still closed she caressed my cheek softy with her hand

Mika : " love, wake up "

She whispered again and gave my cheek a kiss

I slowly opened my eyes to see my wife sitting beside me and my 3 year old son standing on our bed while holding a piece of paper folded

I sat up a smile automatically formed on my face

Mika : " good morning, love happy birthday "

She gave me another kiss on my cheek

I looked at my son who's standing right in front of me

My wife gave my son a knowing look and as soon as he got the go signal from Mika he attacked me with hugs and kisses he hugged me so tight that he was giving me a hard time to breathe

I heard Mika let out a small laugh

Vik started to kiss my whole face

Vik : " happy birthday mama! "

I kissed him back

Vic : " thank you Vik Vik ko "

Vik let go of me and sat next to Mika

Vik looked down as he handed me the paper that he was holding

He always do that when he's shy

I grabbed the paper from him and opened it, it's a hand written greeting card for me if he wasn't my son I wouldn't have understood the writings due to his still poor hand writing.

He is the sweetest kid ever

I took his hand and pulled him into a hug

I kissed his forehead.

Vic : " Thank you nak I love you more "

What I did and said made him smile

Vik : " baba na tayo ma nag luto kami ni mommy ng pancakes for you "

He said excitedly

I was about to say yes to my son when Mika interrupted

Mika : " mauna ka na sa baba susunod kami "

Vik just nodded and got off our bed and went down

Mika : " ako naman ang babati sa asawa ko. Happy Birthday my love "

Vic : " than- "

I didn't get to say my 'thank you' because her lips landed on mine

She held my face in place as we continue to kiss each other passionately my hand landed on her hips

Mika has been extra clingy to me this past week

She moved so that she was sitting on my lap straddling me my hand stayed on her hips as her hand snaked around my neck pulling me closer

We pulled away from the kiss since we needed to breathe.

Vic : " thank you, love you're the best"

She smiled at me

Mika : " I know "

She rested her head on my shoulder taking a quick sniff of my neck

I think she's addicted to my smell

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!