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Mika's POV

It's been two days since my interview in the VSG Corp I'm really hoping to get a call back from them.

I'm here at a cafe right now with my best friend Cienne 

Cienne: “so kamusta yung interview mo sa VSG Corp?"

Mika: “okay naman hopefully makuha ako"

Cienne:“sana nga sabi nila mabait daw may ari nun "

Mika:“ I  know I've heard so many good things about that company"

Cienne:“sana talaga matanggap ka"

Mika:“oo ng-"

I didn't get a chance to finish what I was saying because my phone rang

Unknown calling....

= phone convo =


On the other line(Otol): hello is this ms. Mika Reyes?

Mika: yes who is this?

Otol:oh I'm sorry this is Anne ms. Kim fajardo's secretary I called you to inform you that you will have a final interview with ms.Ara

Mika:ahh okay thank you so much when will it be?

Anne: uhm tomorrow ms. Ara will be expecting you tomorrow morning will you be able to make it??

Mika: yes yes I'll be there first thing in the morning

Anne: okay I'll inform ms.Ara

Mika: if you don't mind me asking who's ms.Ara ?

Anne : she's the CEO of this company and maybe your future boss

Mika: ohh okay thank you so much

Anne : your welcome see you here tomorrow

Mika : of course see you tomorrow bye for now

Anne : alright good bye

= end phone convo =

Mika: “yeesss !" 

I shouted out of excitement

Cienne: “huy mihiya ka nga pinag titinginan na tayo ohh"

She whispered-yell to me

I look around and saw tht people are looking at us I apologized

Mika:“sorry tinawagan na kasi ako ng VSG Corp"

Cienne:"really? So tanggap ka na?"

Mika: "not yet pero final interview na daw bukas taska ma me meet ko na yung magiging boss ko"

Cienne:"kung makasigaw ka naman parang tanggap ka na –.–"

Mika:"atleast there's a bigger chance na matatanggap ako"

Cienne:"okay okay basta just do your best bukas at good luck "

Mika:"yes I know and thank you"

Cienne:"kain na nga tayo"

Mika:"sige "

We continued to eat our lunch after eating we decided to go our separate ways and go home


Mika: "ma"

I called out in to our house

Tita Bhaby (Mika's mom) :"Mika"

Tita Bhaby :"San ka galing?"

Mika:"kumain lang kasama si cienne"

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!