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Mika's POV

It's our lunch time right now and I'm with some of my office mates as we were about to go out of our building I saw a very familiar figure just outside.

When we were outside already that's when I finally confirmed who it was

Vic : " hi love "

She kissed my cheek

Mika : " what are you doing here? "

Vic : " I wanted to have lunch with you ayaw mo ba? "

Mika : " what of course not I just didn't expect you to be here "

Vic : " well I'm here and you have no choice "

Mika : " I guess I do anyways eto pala mga office mates ko si Kyla, Tin, and Camille "

Vic : " uhm hello I'm Vic "

She shook hands with everyone after that I took her hand and interlocked it together

Tin : " uhm yeah we've heard so much things about you "

Vic : " good things I hope "

Tin : " nothing but good in fact "

Camille : " yup palagi ka kwinekwento samin ni Mika "

Mika : " oy tigilan niyo nga "

Kyla : " totoo naman eh haha "

I felt my cheeks get hotter I'm probably blushing by now

Vic : " love, you're blushing "

Mika : " eh isa ka pa eh "

I playfully slapped her arm they just laughed it off

When we got in the food chain

Kyla : " hey if you want pwede kayo humiwalay samin para may time kayo na kayo lang "

Mika : " wag na "

Vic : " yeah it's okay kahit sino pa kasama namin basta si Mika kasama ko okay na ako "

Tin : " awh sweet "

Camille : " Sige kayo na muna umorder hanap kami table "

Vic's POV

We're holding hands as we wait in line to order

Mika : " love, thank you for coming here ha I really appreciate it "

Vic : " no problem I was so stressed in my office and just seeing you makes me feel better "

I saw a blush starting to grow on her cheeks

Mika : " awhh love, you have the same affect on me "

I just love seeing her blush

- skip lunch -

Mika : " love, thank you for the lunch ha "

Kyla : " oo nga Vic thank you sa libre"

Camille : " next time ulit haha "

Vic : " oo ba "

Tin : " thank you sa lunch ulit Vic mauna na kami Miks ah sunod ka na lang "

They all went in the building leaving me and Mika.

Vic : " sige love mauna na ako ha I'll see you later "

Mika : " okay I love you "

Vic : " I love you too "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!