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Author : important note at the end please read it!

2 years later...

Vic's POV

We're here inside the office of our doctor

I'm holding Mika's hand as we wait for Dr. Cruz

She went out to get the results

I'm so nervous right now.

I can feel Mika's hand is shaking

I'm praying in my head right now

I heard the door close and open Dr. Cruz came in with a folder in her hand

She sat down in her chair in front of us

Dr. Cruz : " so I got the results and...

I'm happy to say that you are two months pregnant. "

She smiled at both of us I looked at Mika who's crying right now I hugged

Vic : " love, I'm pregnant "

I repeated

She just hugged me tightly and kept crying

When we both composed ourselves

Mika : " thank you so much Dr. Cruz"

She shook hands with her

Dr. Cruz : " you're both very welcome and I'm so happy for you "

I stood up and shook her hand as well

Dr. Cruz : " remember Vic you'll have check ups regularly now "

Mika : " I'll make sure she's going to all those check ups "

Dr. Cruz : " very good so I'll see you soon "

After saying our goodbyes we went out of her office hand in hand Mika's hand held mine unusually tight.

When we got our of the hospital

Mika : " give me your keys "

Vic : " what? why? "

Mika : " just give it to me "

I took my keys out of my pocket and gave it to her

When we got to my car she opened the passenger door bur she didn't get in

Mika : " get in "

Vic : " love, akin na yung susi ako mag dridrive "

Mika : " no hindi ka na mag dridrive hanggang buntis ka now get in "

I had no choice but follow her I got in the passenger seat as she got in the driver seat

She started to drive home.

How? How did I get pregnant. SCIENCE. SCIENCE is the answer

Some of you are probably wondering why I'M the one pregnant between us why not Mika, right?

Well a year ago we tried and she did get pregnant just the same way I did but unfortunately she miscarried our first child.

She suddenly became unfit to carry the baby of course when it happened we got depressed but we went through it together and after a year we decided to try again but Mika doesn't trust herself enough to try so we decided that I'll do this one.

I'm more than happy with my life with Mika but we've always wanted a child of our own and we said that this might be our last chance in this because the next option would be adopting. I have nothing against adopting but it's better this way.

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!