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Vic's POV

San kaya ako dadalhin neto ni Mika

She just kept driving although this is a very very familiar way though

Vic : " Mika san ba talaga tayo pupunta "

Mika : " Vic wag ka makulit malapit na tayo "

I feel like she's getting irritated so I stopped.

She jusy kept on driving until

Mika : " we're here "

Vic : " Mika is this a joke or something? "

Mika : " no love I'm serious "

Vic : " but love this is my... "

Mika : " exactly "

Vic : " what do you mean 'exactly' akala ko ba pupuntaham natin yung... "

Mika : " oo nga now let's go "

She got out from my car and I had no choice but follow her.

She knocked on the door and my mom opened it

My mom looked at me with shock on her face

Mika looked at us and said

Mika : " Vic meet 'her' "

What?!? NO IT CAN'T BE.

Vic : " Mika? "

Mika : " love siya yung reason kung bakit nag call back sila sayo "

I looked at my mom and she has this hesitant smile on her face

Vic : " how? "

Mika didn't get a chance to answer me

Tita Beth : " pasok tayo "

We went in my house and sat on the couch

I sat next to Mika as my mom sat in a separate couch

Vic : " can someone please explain what's going on "

Mika : " tita Beth is the reason why they called you back "

Vic : " how? "

Tita Beth : " I went to your office yesterday and I asked your secretary for the contact numbers of the people that you were suppose to meet when I cancelled your meeting and it turned out that Mr. Richards was one of them and we go way back we went to the same high school good this he still remembers me "

I was speechless I didn't know that she would to this

Tita Beth : " the other one unfortunately is not in the country anymore so I didn't get a chance to talk to them, I'm sorry Ara I really didn't mean any of that to happen "

Vic : " you really did this for me "

Tita Beth : " oo naman ayaw ko na galit ka sakin Ara minsan na nga lang kami umuwe galit ka pa sakin "

I just looked at her

Vic : " uhm- "

Mika : " excuse me kuha lang ako tubig "

Mika stood up from my side and went to the kitchen

My mom transferred to the couch were I'm sitting she came closer to me

Tita Beth : " Ara alam ko sobrang dami kong pag kukulang sayo lalo na nung bata ka pa sana mapatawad mo kami at sana din bigyan mo ako ng chance na maka bawi man lang kahit papaano "

She started crying she took my hand held on I tight

Tita Beth : " nak mahal na mahal kita sana mapatawad mo kami "

I couldn't help but cry too I hugged her and nodded slowly

Vic : " opo ma I'm sorry too "

We cried there for a while hugging each other

After a few seconds we let go and a smile formed on our faces

Mika came back from the kitchen with a big smile on her face as well

My mom stood up and hugged Mika

Tita Beth : " thank you for the help Mika ha "

Mika : " no problem po tita "

So she has something to do with this

Mika's POV

I'm so happy to see that Vic and her mom made up already

Tita Beth : " so dito ka na ulit uuwe?"

She asked Vic

Awhhh I suddenly became sad knowing that she'll not stay with me anymore I miss her already

Vic : " uhm maybe not tonight "

She said hesitantly

Mika : " if you want mag taxi na lang ako pa uwe para maka pag stay ka na dito "

Vic : " No. You know I'm not gonna let that happen specially at this time of night "

True. I know she wouldn't let me.

Tita Beth : " Vic's right you shouldn't go home alone "


Vic : " sige ma mauna na po kami "

She bid her good bye to her mom we stayed for a while before leaving

Mika : " bye po tita "

She gave me a quick hug

Tita Beth : " bye ingat kayo "

We walked hand in hand to Vic's car

Vic : " love, yung keys ko pala "

I took her keys from my pocket

Mika : " here you go "

She opened the passenger door for me before getting in the driver seat.

We're here in my bathroom brushing our teeth good thing my bathroom has two sinks

I can see her in the mirror she's smiling at me as we brush our teeth I decided to make funny faces making her laugh and she made a mess, spitting all over the sink her situation made me laugh too great my bathroom is a mess now.

I rinsed my mouth with water before speaking

Mika : " love, naman nag kalat ka "

Vic did the same and washed her mouth before answering back

Vic : " love ikaw kasi pinatawa mo ako haha taska nag kalat ka din naman "

We cleaned our mess before going to bed

Mika : " thank for staying with me tonight "

I said as I was laying my  head on her chest she caressed my hair

Vic : " of course I love being with you "

Mika : " I love being with you too always remember that my home is yours "

Vic : " I know and thank you, I love you so much Mika "

Mika : " I love you too "

She kissed my head we fell asleep.


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