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Few days later...

Mika's POV

* insert sound of alarm *

I reached for the annoying alarm just right beside my bed

Naka tagilid ako ngayon but I can feel an arm wrap around my waist I can also feel her breathing at the back of my neck

I slowly moved not trying to wake her up then I faced her

She's so peaceful looking her pointed nose almost hitting my nose that's how close we are right now

I traced her face making her cringe but she didn't wake up so I kissed her nose with matching 'mwah' sound

She finally slowly opened her eyes

Vic : " good morning "

She said with her husky morning voice

Mika : " good morning, love "

I kissed her nose again

Mika : " we should get up baka malate pa tayo I'll prepare breakfast maligo ka na "

I was about to get up when Vic pulled me back and smashed her lips on mine

It was a short intimate kiss

Vic : " I love you "

Mika : " I love you too "

I got up this time Vic letting me go and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the both of us

Vic's POV

I finished taking a bath and got dressed before going to the kitchen where I saw Mika putting plates on the table and the food is ready

I sat down and motioned her to sit on my lap

So she did.

She was sitting on my lap the whole time we ate breakfast

After eating I told her to get ready as I clean up.

We've been like this for the past few days since we had our first serious 'fight'

When I brought her home that day she wouldn't let me leave so I ended up staying at her place.

But yesterday tho we stayed at my place nothing 'happens' between us we just enjoy being together and waking up next to the person you love the most.

Mika : " love, okay na ko "

Mika said as she got out of her room all dressed up for work

I finished what I was doing before saying

Vic : " so tara na? "

She nodded as she grabbed her phone on the table beside her

I took our things which is all ready.

We walked out of her condo hand in hand

As I was driving my phone vibrated

Vic : " love, can you look at my phone someone texted me "

I told Mika as I have to keep my focus on the road and so she did

Mika : " love, number lang "

Vic : " ano sabi? "

Mika : " 'we'll be flying home Saturday night' "

Mika read the text out loud

Mika : " love, sino to? "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!