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Saturday night.

Mika's POV

Vic just picked me up from my condo and we're on our way to the airport to pick her parents up.

She looks very uncomfortable diba dapat ako yung uncomfortable I mean I'm going to meet Vic's parents for the first time.

Mika : " Vic, are you okay? "

Vic : " uhm yeah "

Mika : " you sure? "

Vic : " yes, love as long as you're with me I'm okay "

Mika : " love, pano pag di nila ako nagustuhan? "

Vic : " love, they will love you "

Mika : " eh what if nga hindi "

Vic : " well I honestly don't care I love you and I will be with you walang makakapag hiwalay satin "

She kissed my left hand that she's holding and gave me a quick smile before focusing on the road again

@ Airport

We're here waiting for her parents I'm holding her hand and I can feel it's wet because of sweat she's nervous I don't get why is she nervous that's her parents

Her hand held my hand tighter as two people approach us

I guess that's them

The lady rushed to Vic and gave her a hug as the man just stayed behind her

Lady : " Ara anak ko kamusta ka na?"

She said as she was still hugging Vic

Vic moved away from the hug and fixed herself

Vic : " okay lang po ako ma uhm ma, pa si Mika po girlfriend ko "

I gave the most genuine smile I can

Her mom suddenly hugged me

: " call me tita beth ha ganda mo naman pala "

Mika : " thank you po tita "

She let go of me and introduced her husband to me

I don't get why Vic is like that towards them I mean they look like a very good parents but I don't know what happened between them

Vic : " tara dun naka park yung kotse"

Tito was pushing their push cart as they brought a lot of things home

After putting everything in the back we got in Vic's car her parents sat at the back seat as I stayed in the passenger and Vic in the driver

While Vic was driving tita spoke...

Tita Beth : " oo nga pala nasabi samin ni Djun na sa bahay mo muna kami mag stastay hanggang inaayos pa yung bahay sa Pampanga "

Vic : " opo ma "

Vic's POV

We're here in front of Mika's condo to drop her off as much as I want to stay with her I can't.

Mika : " mag iingat kayo, I'll see you tomorrow "

She kissed my cheek before saying good bye to my parents

I waited for her to get in her building safely before leaving

@ Vic's home

Vic : " ma ito yung kwarto niyo yung mga gamit niyo papaakyat ko na lang kay manong Lenard "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!