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Few days later...

Vic's POV

Great it's lunch time I finally have an excuse to see my Mika.

I went out of my office and went straight to her table

Vic : " ready for lunch my lady? " * medyo pabiro kong yaya *

Mika : " haha yeah wait lang I'll grab my phone "

As we're walking the halls of this building my employees of course greet me and they are not shy about doing that specially the females hehe alam niyo na kung bakit but I noticed Mika being distant to me when someone is near us and she's just holding her phone.

Is she texting someone?

When we got in the elevator I took that chance to talk to her.

Vic : " hey are you okay? "

Tanong ko habang pinaharap ko siya sakin

Mika : " yeah oo naman "

Vic : " you sure Mika? "

Mika : " yes I'm sure Vic don't worry "

At hinimas niya ang braso ko and that gave me some sort of comfort the okay siya.

Vic : " okay but if anything's bothering you jusy tell me, okay? "

Mika : " I will "

- Cafeteria -

Vic : " you'll have your usual Miks? "

Mika : " yes please, thank you "

Time na para mag out it was quite a boring day at the office but not so much because Mika just makes everything better.

Vic : " Miks ready ka na mag out? "

Mika : " yup! "

Vic : " tara na "

Hmmmm why is she like that every time we walk together??? It's like she's distancing herself from me when we walk together.

When we got out of the building...

Vic : " hatid na kita "

Mika : " no need Vic "

Vic : " there's no way I'm gonna let you go home alone gabi na "

Mika : " Vic c'mon I can handle myself "

Vic : " I know you can but I won't let you so let's go I'm not taking no for an answer "

I grabbed her wrist and kinda gently pulled her to my car. See I win HAHA

The next day...

Mika's POV

So yeah doing my usual work in a usual day here at the office. Vic's inside his office of course oh I almost forgot may meeting pa pala yun

I decided to knock on her door na lang rather than calling her.

* tok-tok *

I slowly opened the door

Mika : " uhm excuse me ma'am your meeting will start very soon "

Vic : " thank you Mika I'll prepare then I'll go "

Mika : " okay ma'am "

I closed the door and went back to my chair but then I felt a sudden need to go to the bathroom. Naiihi ako.

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!