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Vic's POV

Jerome : " well Vic, Vic Galang no need to worry hahatid ko na lang siya "

I was waiting for Mika to reject his offer

But she didn't she stayed quiet

Vic : " excuse us Mr.Ponce I would just like to talk to Mika "

Jerome : " make it quick "

I ignored his last statement and pulled Mika to the side

Vic : " are you serious? Pumayag ka na hahatid ka niya? "

Mika : " hindi pa naman he did mention it kanina pero I didn't say yes "

Vic : " you didn't say no either "

Mika : " Vic... "

Vic : " that's my job as your girlfriend I hold myself responsible about that, does he even know that you're my girlfriend? "

I saw how her reaction changed because of my question

Vic : " so he doesn't know. Well that hurts ikinahihiya mo ako "

Mika : " what no hindi ko pa lang nasasabi "

She took my hand but I took it back

Vic : " you know what I'm gonna go "

Mika : " Vic naman "

Vic : " mag pa hatid ka na lang sa boss mo "

Mika : " love "

Vic : " shhh wag ka maingay baka marinig ka niya na tinatawag mo akong 'love' "

I said to her sarcastically

I turned around and started to walk away I didn't care if she was calling me I just kept walking until I got to my car.

I sat in my car for I few minutes kinda hoping that she'll follow me.

But she didn't

I'm currently driving home ALONE ughh I'm so pissed off I mean his nerve to tell me na hahatid niya yung girlfriend ko.

Ow right he doesn't know na girlfriend ko si Mika.

I gripped the stirring wheel harder.


Damn it Mika. You stress me out.

@ Vic's home

When I got home I went straight to the kitchen to grab a bottle of beer

I need to relax and let off some steam

But my one bottle became two, three, four, five and so on until I lost count

I walked up the stairs almost falling in every step I took

I layed down in my bed not even changing my clothes or taking a shower I'm too tired and drunk to do those things.

Next Morning...

Ughhh. Fvck. Yung ulo ko ang sakit

Manang Pileng : " nak Vic malalate ka niyan susunduin mo pa si Mika "

Ahhhh shit I have to choice but to get up

Manang handed me a glass of water and pain reliever for my head

I looked at her with a questioning look like how'd she know I need that

Manang Pileng : " iniwan mo yung mga bote ng ininum mo kagabi "

TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!