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Hello Mika Reyes here but some of my friends call me Yeye I'm 22yrs old single for now and also unemployed I have been looking for a job this past few months but it has not been easy and I am really in need for a job because I have to take care of my family we are really in need of cash specially my little brother and sister goes to school my father died years ago and my mom is not that young anymore she's not suitable to work and also she still have to take care of my younger siblings so here I am in another company here in Manila to be interviewed this in my fifth interview this week so wish me luck.

Hi there Victonara Galang here I am 21yrs old a very successful businesse women I am a CEO of my own company. Life for me is very easy but very busy as well my parents are very rich and most of the time they don't have time for me and my big brother has his own family so technically I am facing my life alone. Love life? Well I had some but my last relationship did not end well at all so I'm kind of scared going in to another relationship and FYI I am a proud lesbian .


This is my Second story if you have time read my first story " nothing is stronger than love " another KaRa fanfic go to my account for the story

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TRUE LOVE always find ways (Mika Reyes & Ara Galang)Basahin ang storyang ito ng LIBRE!