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  Riley POV

  When I got home I told my parents that I had a science project to do with a partner which was a lie but I really wanted to go on that date with Billy Ross and I knew that if I asked my parents to go on a date I would surely get a beating and I really didn't feel like getting beat so I lied and they said it was fine but there was a catch I had to take Auggie to Ava's house and pick him up when I was done , Ava's house was on my way anyway so I said ok...

   ~Later that night~

I packed a bookbag with a black dress with a white leather jacket , black strappy heels , makeup ,a handbag and the locket that Lucas gave me. I decided to ask Ava's mom if I can use her bathroom and she said yes so I changed did a light smokey eye and left. By the time I got to the super nice restaurant he was already there. He motioned me over. " You look wow" I thought and my smile faded because that was exactly what Lucas said on our first date. " Thank you Billy , not bad yourself" " So tell me more about yourself. Have you always lived in NYC?" "Well yes except I was born in Pennsylvania because my mom wanted to give birth around her family and my fathers family so I guess yeah I have lived here all my life , how about you? where did you come from" " Well I moved here from Austin Texas and I miss it a lot" I thought for a minute and suddenly I heard one thing "RINGGGGGGG RINGGGGGGG" " Sorry thats my phone I gotta take this"

~Phone Convo~

Billy: Hello , YO hey man hows it going

?: Good How is it going with you?

Billy: Great! Guess where I am



?: Oh , Cool doing what?

Billy:Im on a date

?: With who?

Billy:Some girl I met a school , Hey man I gotta go so...

?: Hey yeah man bye

Billy: Bye

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