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 {Lucas POV}

   I need to get her to the hospital! I quickly call an ambulance and get her on a bench so she isn't on the ground. When they arrive they get her on the strecher and hear Farkle say " Can I go with her! I'm her boyfriend!" WHAT! oh wait he is...I forgot that Missy made me break up with her. Anyway. On my way to the hospital I think about what happend to Riley. Is she okay? what if she doesn't live.... OH GOD that can't happen! As I get to the hospital I see Farkle storming out. What's wrong with him? " Hey Farkle what's wrong?" I ask him unsure of what had happend. " She woke up, she woke up and asked where you were. And when you see her look on her wrist..." Ok then at least they aren't dating anymore... As I walk in a nurse comes up to me and asks " Are you Lucas Friar?" Ok this is weird " Yes ma'am." " Riley Matthews has asked for you. Please follow me"  Ok I guess i have to follow this woman... " Lucas" OMG my princess...she sounds so weak...  " Lucas I have something to tell you...I'm pregnant... Please don't leave me...please"  She thinks I would leave her... " Its ok I won't leave you... Let me see your wrist..." " Ok here" Wow I never knew she got a tattoo. And of my name... " I love you Lucas"  " I love you too princess...I always will..."

 Don't hate me. This is the end of this book...BUT! There will be a sequal! BYEEEEE 


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