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Riley POV

No it can't be please don't be. " Missy B.. Bradford?" Ugh I hate her. " oh look the baby is still stupid" I felt tears forming in my eyes, no I can't let her hear me cry " how did you get my number?" " Billy you dumb baby" " what do you want Missy?" " I just wanted to say to stay away from Lucas, he never did officially break up with me, now that I think about it we are still  technically  dating😏" I could almost picture her smirking. "He dated you? But he moved" " well when he moved he asked me to come with him. Unlike you I'm actually attractive and funny. Well you're funny but to laugh at not like  a comedian" Why did he do that he knew I hated her in middle school😢 " look Missy you can have him he obviously doesn't really even love me. And by the way your so funny... To look at, you look like a pretty drag queen with to much make up." " ugh whatever and tell my luky  to call me. Bye E.T lookalike"  And with that she hung up. I was so heartbroken. I decided to do the one thing I knew to do. Call Farkle... " hello?" " Farkle hey do you wanna go out? You live in Cali now right?" " Riley oh um I'm sorry but aren't you and Lucas dating?" " well we were but I'm breaking up with him. He dated Missy and she just called me to say to stay away from him because they never officially broke up so I'm done with him and I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date." " well wow of course I'd love to. How about I pick you up in 20 mins and we go to dinner?" " that sounds great. I can't wait to see you again! I live at The first house on North Manning. Bye sweetie 😘" " bye babe see ya then😘"  Well that's that then. I need to break up with Lucas now so I decide to call him.

R: Hello Lucas?

?: ugh what do you want

R: Missy?

M: obviously you little brat. Now what do you want?

R: I was calling to break up with Lucas. But if he's busy I'll call back later.

M: uh yea he is stupid and it's ok he's here now

L: Hello who is this

R: This is Riley. How are ya cheater?

L: uh well this is awkward

R: well I called to say that I'm breaking up with you...

L: Fine I never loved you anyways. I've always loved Missy. You and Auggie can keep the house I'm moving in with Missy. Bye baby loser.

R: You know what I may be a loser but at least I'm not a two - faced two timing cheating sack of garbage. Bye

Wow I feel invincible! I don't even care that he cheated well I mean it does sting a little but who cares! OMG I forgot about the concert! I don't even have the tickets. Maybe we can sneak in? I mean Auggie is at a friends house so why not? I start to get dressed. I decided to wear a mint green dress with gems , mint green pumps. For my makeup I do a smokey eye and do my lips a dark red. I do a side pony tail braid. As I finish I hear the doorbell ring. I grab my bag and phone and run downstairs. Some boy is at the door... Wait! Is that Farkle? WOAH he is REALLY good looking. This date will be better than I thought. "Wow Riley you look gorgeous " " not bad yourself Farkle" He is blushing. Aww he's so cute when he blushes " shall we go" He says making me snap out of my thoughts. " oh um yes. If you don't mind me asking, where are we going? " oh um well do you like In and out?" "Of course maybe I dressed up too much" " it's ok we are going through the drive through and then to a special place" " ok let's go"

And with that my date with Farkle began...

Woah I totally tricked you guys! You guy thought it was Elliot on the phone! Nope and Rucas broke up! Well hoped you liked that chapter it was the longest one I've written! Don't forget to comment your ideas and vote!


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