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Lucas POV

Me and Riles decided to go on a fancy date. So we decided to go to Arabelle (That is a real restaurant in NYC by the way) a really fancy restaurant that has the best food in NYC. I decided to wear a gray shirt with a sweater collar , jeans and boat shoes.

Riley POV

When we decided to go to Arebelle  , I knew that I had to go home to get all my clothes because I definitely couldn't wear a baggy t-shirt , and sweatpants with furry moccasins. But I was in luck because my dad had to go on a buisness trip and my mom was probably sleeping so that took care of that... When I got to my house I heard Auggie screaming so me being me I went in to see what was going on. When I went in I saw that my mother was beating Auggie and I really hated to see that. I went in pulled my mom off Auggie told him to pack his things and went to my room to pack my things. I grabbed all my clothes , phone charger , IPod and IPad. I hesitated to grab the ring that Maya gave me but I did knowing that I would never get it back... When Auggie and I were done we went downstairs and I told my mom that I was taking Auggie and neither of us would be coming back , 

R: Mom I'm taking Auggie and we aren't coming back

T: Oh see if I care. Me and you're father never loved you anyways

A: But Mommy we love you!

T: Oh shut up ya little brat

R: OK that is enough if that is all we will be going. Goodbye Topanga 

   And with that we left. And I had to figure out something to do with Auggie...

   Lucas POV

    After about an hour I started to get really worried about Riley. I had a million thoughts running through my brain. But they were interupted when Riley walked in with... Auggie? Why would he be here?

R: Hey Bab... I  mean Lucas

L: Did you almost call me Babe?

R: Yes maybe but don't get you're hope up cowboy

L: OK but why is Auggie with you?

R: I will tell you later. But our date will have to wait unless you're ok with Auggie coming...

L: Ummm Yes of course... How are you Auggie? He says turning to Auggie

(Hey guys so I know that Auggie is supposed you be 11 but I decided to go against the laws of time and just have him be 6)


L: Auggie I won't hurt you , why would you think that!

R: It's ok Aug. This is Lucas it's ok 

L: Riles , lets get going to Arebelle

R: Ok. Come on Auggie let's go

A: Ok Riley


    When we started driving I wondered why Auggie was here , I mean I didn't mind but I figured he would be home with Mr. and Mrs. Matthews. I decided to say something

L: Riley , What happend? Why is Auggie here , Is everything ok?

R: No , well now it is.       

R: Listen Lucas , after Elliot died everybody started leaving or acting different. You and Farkle left the day he died and Maya well Maya I haven't seen since a few weeks after he died , her father came back and she met her new boyfriend. So they left. And then my parents started to abuse me and Auggie. So when I met Billy he treated me like I meant the world to him , but one day I was talking to a boy he got jealous and he threatend me and I stood up for myself and he slapped and punched me and that's when he started abusing me. 

By then she was crying a river. I did my best to comfort her. But I just had to ask...

L: Riles , why didn't you break up with him. And why didn't you contact me?!

     Riley POV

   Lucas looked hurt that I never called or texted him but how could I?

R: Because Lucas, you broke not only my heart but me at the same time. I was 13! I didn't know what to do! And I tried to break up with him. He said he wouldn't let me...

A: Are we there yet!?

L: Almost little buddy, So Auggie how are you?

A: Good now I guess. Riley where are we gonna live?

R: We will live at a hotel until I find a job. OK?

A: Ok thank you Riley...

   Auggie had a sad face on... Why? We got away from them. I had to ask , so I did.

R: Auggie why are you so sad?

A: Because Riley I don't have a mommy or daddy anymore...

R: Well, you can consider Lucas and I as your mommy and daddy , but we aren't married or dating for that matter...

A: Really! 

L: Of course Auggie! Oh and by the way you aren't staying at a hotel you will both stay with me...

Heyy guys,

 So this was very hard to write and I'm not sure why...See  Wattpad kept publishing my story when I didn't want it to so yeah... Anyways hope you liked this chapter... Don't forget to comment your ideas and vote!


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