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 Lucas POV

  I was walking around NYC when I saw my best friend Billy beating a girl in an ally way. So being the guy that I am I went to see what was happening. I pulled Billy off the girl and realized it was Riley even all beat up she looked beautiful. So I started to punch Billy. When Billy ran away I picked up the unconscious Riley and put her in the back of my car , drove her to my house. When we got there I set her down on the couch. I then went upstairs to change...

 Riley POV

    I went into the room and saw HIM. The person I really didn't want to see. The one and only LUCAS FRIAR. L: "Oh your awake!" he said trying to hug me

R: Don't touch me you pig!

L: what the heck did I do to you Riley

R: What! Oh I dunno "I'm sorry for leaving the day my brother died or without telling me you were leaving!

L: Auggie died?

R: Ughhhh , No Lucas you idiot! Elliot died your best friend. And not only did you break my heart , you broke me!

 Now by then I was crying a waterfall and I could tell that Lucas was heartbroken not only about me but also about Elliot. 

R: You took Smiley Riley away from me and I hate you for that. You were my first and maybe only love Lucas *Sniff Sniff* Lucas  I don't know if I can fogive you L: Riley I'm sorry... Please you're the only one I have left

R:I  don't know Lucas prove to me that you can handle it.

L : Oh how bout' a date! , He says perking up

R: Fine but one chance Lucas. 1!

    Well  I guess this is it I'm going on a date with the boy I hate. Well hated that is. Let's just see how this goes shall we?...

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