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Riley POV

  As I started to go to Billy's house I saw someone who I never thought I'd see in a million years or at least i'd hoped. The one and only Lucas Friar , I was smart enough to run away before he saw me. He looked really good since I last saw him which was 3 years ago and I hate to admit it but he looked REALLY good but alas he broke my heart and that is something I don't know if I can forgive that. So as I was walking I got a text from Billy that read

Billy: Are you almost here!? I swear I am so close to hitting you with a dang textbook or worse HURRY

Riley: Oh , Sorry master your house is like 20 mins away

Billy: Whatever , JUST GET HERE

Billy: BYE

Riley: BYE

~10 Minutes later~ 

     When I arrive I ring the doorbell hoping to get this done and over with. "Hey Beautiful" He says smirking his evil smirk I know so well , " Hey creep'' I mumble under my breath " I'm sorry WHAT? " " Oh nothing I said HI babe" " Whatever let's go for a walk shall we" " yeah whatever but I have to be home by 12 thats my curfew " " Oh you'll be staying the night at my place , I already called your parents. They said they have a BIG surprise when you come home to get you're things and come to my house OK babe? " YOU WHAT" I said as we walked past a few stores. (Hold on here so I am going to put R for Riley and B for billy ok? OK now we can resume with the story) 

B: WHAT is the matter with you now!" He yelled at me 


    And then he took me into an ally way and beat me to a pulp , I have never felt this bad ever not even my parents didn't beat me this bad. Soon enough somebody saw and came over just as I started to black out and after that I have no idea what happened after that...

Sooo that was an very intense chapter but I hope you like it just the same. Sorry this chapter was not edited because I am a lazy person. Deal with it #Sorrynotsorry LOL. So the video in the multimedia is not my video I posted it because I loved it soo yah. Don't forget to vote and comment me your ideas and imput on the story...BYEEEEEEEE

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