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  Riley POV

    After Billy's threat I went home and did nothing more than cry , I cried because I hated my life nothing more nothing less... After a while I decided to go to the park not to play like a little kid but to think. I had a little spot that I would always go to when I needed to think about things , before things got bad that is... The spot that I went too was always very beautiful , It had a nice river with flowers and a secret garden with a swing bench and I loved it there but I haven't been there since Elliot died so it was nice to see the place again... When I got there I sat down and thought about life and Lucas , Maya , Farkle and Elliot. It hurt my heart to think about the amazing times we had together , When Elliot took me to Texas to visit  Lucas when we were on spring break because Lucas went to visit his Grandparents or when me and Lucas rod e on a horse together and he called me his princess or when I had my first sleepover at Maya's house. I really missed them. And when I looked around I saw parents playing with they're kids , couples holding hands and kissing , brothers and sisters playing basketball and friends laying down on a blanket looking at the sky and talking an it hurt so bad to look at knowing I would never have that again. And that made me break down in tears. On my way home my phone rung and when I looked , it was somebody I hated more than life itself...Billy. I answered and was scared to death to what he would say so I answered

 ~Phone Convo~

      Billy: Hey babe,

     Riley: What do you want Billy

     Billy: Woah baby, Chill remember what I said earlier , I will hurt you

  Riley: Sorry, Now what would you like Billy

   BILLY: MUCH better , Now why don't you come over so I can kiss that sweet little face of yours

   Riley: Fine be there in 10

  Billy: See ya then babe. Bye

  Riley: Bye...

  Heyy loves,

Soo , Left you with a cliffhanger there kinda maybe idk but ,   Hope you liked that chapter! So don't forget to comment your imput and vote 


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