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Riley POV

    When we got to Arabelle. I got super nervous , why did I agree to this?  I mean he broke me and I don't even like him anymore...Do I? Oh god no I can't... Well i'm getting a free dinner so...

Lucas POV

  When we left Arabelle... I decided to drop Auggie off at the apartment so me and Riley can go house shopping but she insisted that he come... We had no luck at all finding anything. So I decided to ask Riley something even better...

~At Home~

L: Hey Riles, How would you like to live in Californa?

R: That would be amazing but I can't afford it...

L: Well I can and I want you and Auggie to come

R: Really!...Wait...How can you afford it?

L: Well my dad is kinda well popular in the music indestry and sends me money. Like A LOT of money

R: Well wouldn't be kinda awkward if we aren't dating?

L: Well I guess we should start😊

R: well what does the house even look like?

L: Here

R: Woah, well ok... Let me go tell Auggie....

Riley POV

I am moving to California!?!? I am so happy. And as it turns out I still love Lucas! It finally looks like things are getting better... Finally! Well time to go tell Auggie!

R: Hey little man, how would you like to move to California!?!

A: I would love that!

R: Great! Pack your things... Well never mind  they are already packed! Well go put your shoes on and change into PJs. We are taking a plane!

A: wait we are leaving right now?

R:Ummm... Well yes. Is that ok?

A:Well I guess...

  He looks sad. Why? What am I doing wrong. See this is why I can never have kid

A: What?

Wait I said that out loud!?

R: um.. Nothing. Auggie are you ok?

A: Its just I miss Elliot...

R: I know Auggie. Me too. So are you all packed?

A: well I've been packed so yes...

R: Oh yeah I forgot... Well go wait by the door and me and Lucas will be right down.

A: ok Riley!
  Well this will be fun... I hope...

Hey my amazing readers!!!

   I'm sorry this took so long to put up! But I feel like I needed to put lots of extra thought into this... Next chapter will focus on the move!! Comment your suggestions below and vote! PS I made a new cover!!

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