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Lucas POV

Once we dropped Auggie off at school , we headed to school. I could tell Riley was nervous. But we had to go , it was our last year and I had to tell her about Elliot really being alive. I mean I know I should have told her sooner but we were to busy and I don't know, she would hate me if I had kept this from her. But the truth is. Elliot didn't really get hit. Well he did but I had to go with him and tell the doctors to tell his family that he was pronounced dead when in reality he had to go to California to help his fiancé with her show. So he really only had a broken ankle. I am snapped out of my thoughts when Riley said something.

R: uh babe we are here...

L: wait already that was fast...

R: sweetie are you ok? You seem really worried

L: oh yes I'm fine. Let's go

R: ummm yes ok.. I guess

L: ok then...
Suddenly I got a text from... Wait who was texting me?

Unknown Number: hey Sweetie😘

Lucas: umm who is this?

Unknown Number: Missy Bradford😘

Lucas: don't talk to me I don't like you and sure as heck not in that way. I'm blocking you bye👎🏽

As soon as I blocked her I turned to kiss my amazing girlfriend. And we headed to school.

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