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  Riley POV

    " Hey idiot" a tall boy in about 9th grade said as I walked past. I as usual didn't say anything , I just put my hood on and ran to my next class...



         ''Hi what's your name?'' a new boy named Billy Ross  said , " Um , Ri , Riley yes thats my name what's yours '' ''Billy Ross sweet cheeks" ''Cool well I have to go bye'' , I said a little too fast , "wait beautiful lemme take you to dinner after school say 6?" I thought about this for a second before answering , " why me there are all of these girls more beautiful and more how do I say this well popular. I'm well just me I have no friends and anyways I have super strict parents" " Nope not  a good enough answer I'll pick you up at 6. Look nice please'' " Wait you don't know where I live" I called after him " I figure it out see ya then!" And then he was gone

    I hope tonight is good for once

    Heyyyyy loves,

   Hoped you liked that chapter, I really like how the story is coming along and don't worry I have lots more stuff planned so byeeee

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