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 Riley POV

     Me and Farkle went on all of the rides! We decided to get dinner at the fair too! Woah! That man coming towards us looks...mad. Wait is that! LUCAS what is he doing here?! " Riley what are you doing on a date with Farkle?!" Uh doesn't he know that we are dating? " Uh... me and Farkle are kind of a thing now..." Yikes he still has steam coming out of his ears..."WHAT?!? ME and you are dating. Look I'll prove it to you" And he kisses me, me just like that. But being the good girlfriend I am. I don't kiss him back. " Lucas what the heck?!? I am dating Farkle!" NO LUCAS DON'T DO IT. And he did it. Punched Farkle..." Lucas please don't hurt us!"

Lucas POV

 She really thinks I would hurt her?! But I would never! I love her. No i'm IN love with her.

      And I am snapped out of my thoughts when Farkle yells " RILEY!!!!" And just like that my princess falls to the ground...

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