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Riley POV
As I started to wake up , I noticed I was in a house that was not my own. I saw pictures of Me and Elliot , me and Lucas. And even Farkle and Maya. All it did was make me sad. But I couldn't think about that now , I had to figure out where I was. I go upstairs and use the bathroom to fix myself up. When I looked in the mirror , I saw that I had a major black eye and my nose looked like it had been bleeding. Plus the bruises all over my my face. "Wow" I thought as I walked out. I walked in a room and saw a the back of a boy with dirty blonde hair. " Hello" I said
   "Oh your awake!" I knew who it was... It was somebody I didn't want to see...

   Sorry the chapter was so short but the next chapter should be pretty long... So if anybody reading this lives in Albany NY than on September 19th 2015 you can go to the back to school expo and meet Lucas from Girl meets world and Dez from a Austin and Ally. You can buy tickets online. But byee

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