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Lucas POV

  When we got to the airport we got a snack which led to Auggie falling asleep on my shoulder. So when it was time to board the plane I carried Auggie to the back of the plane so we could have some privacy.

R: Lucas?

L: Yes Riles?

R: You won't ever leave me. Will you?

  And right then I leaned in and kissed her. I wanted her to realize that I loved her and I still do...

R: Is that a no?

L: Oh... no I kissed you to say that i'm leaving you. I say rolling my eyes

R: Wait... you are being sarcastic right...

L: Ugh. Yes of course Princess

R: Oh well you haven't called me that since 10th grade

L: Well what can I say? I am a sucker for old times

R: Lucas I love you. She says giggling

L: I love you too princess

    Hey Guys
Sorry for the short update... But whatever

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