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Riley POV

I woke up this morning with a knot in my stomach. I was starting a new collage today. So was Lucas and Auggie. I just really didn't want to get bullied again. But I know Lucas will have my back...I hope

R: Lucas...Sweetie you need to wake up... We have school today

L: Noooo. Can't we stay home and cuddle?

R: Well Sweetie, as much as I want to... We are kinda parents now. We have to make breakfast for Auggie , take him to school and go to school ourselves to learn how to be parents.

L: Ok , let's go

 I decided to wear a blue and white polka dot crop top with no straps , some shorts , and boots. Paired with glasses a bracelet and the necklace that Lucas gave me. OS before I get dressed , I get ready to take a shower. I turn on the fouset and step into the hot but soothing shower and think about what my last year of college will be like. And what about Auggie I can't be a mother! " Ok Riley you need to calm down" I thought. I step out of the shower and grab a towel. I dry my hair and then my body and get dressed. I then do my makeup and walk downstairs. I soon get a waft of maple syrup and run to the kitchen to see Auggie and Lucas digging into the food.

 After breakfast we get into the car and we are off to school!

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