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Lucas POV

As we headed into the school , I saw something I had really hoped that was my imagination. Elliot. He came towards us and I told Riley to go to class and I would meet her there but it was too late.

E: Hi there , you must be new here.

R: Um , yes we are. She says holding out her hand for Elliot to shake

E: So what's your name? I'm Elliot. wait how does he not know it's Riley?

R: I'm Riley... And you said your name was Elliot? How funny I had a brother , who died in a car crash...Wait what's your last name?

E: Matthews...Elliot Matthews...

Just then Riley started to sob and runs away. So I told Elliot that was his sister and ran to find my princess.

I found Riley hiding in a bathroom stall. The good thing is that she had made a new friend! I went and told her that I was taking her and Auggie to a Sabrina Carpenter concert . She was really happy! See Sabrina Carpenter was her favorite singer but she has never shown her face before. Today was the day she was going to reveal her face tonight! Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO

Hey Squad!

Hope you like this chapter!

I started school Tuesday so I won't be able to update as much so be patient! But I will try to update as much as possible! And Elliot is alive?!? *MINION VOICE* WHAAAAAAA!?!


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