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Riley's POV

So as I get in the car I notice a car seat in the back seat. "Oh he better not have a kid" I think to myself
F: hey Riles, umm well I hope you don't mind that if this...we work out I have my little sister to take care of...
  Oh! Wait he has a sister?
R: oh yea no that's fine. So you have a little sist...

Before I could finish talking , he kissed my cheek. Awwww he's so cute!

F: sorry...

R: No! It's okay! Your so cute!
Awe he's blushing! He's so cute when he blushes😍 my thoughts are interrupted when I get a text from Lucas...

Lucas😍😘😽 Riley, all that stuff I said I didn't mean. I saw Missy when I was stopping to get you flowers and she said that if I didn't break up with you and say all that stuff she would hurt you. And we all know she is capable of hurting you.

He didn't mean it. He hates me. I kept him from what he really loved Missy. I don't answer.

As we arrive at somewhere that's not IN AND OUT...

R: Uh Farkle where are we...?

F: a club

R: what!?!

F: Not that kind of club, a science club with a fun twist of Math! You still like that stuff...right?

R: DUH! I love it!  But can we  get ices first?

F: Yup Off we go!

 When we got there we saw a huge fair! So we decided to go there instead. When we got to the ice station I got blueberry and Farkle got rasberry. I decided to post a pic on instagram. So we stuck our tongue out and I posted it with the caption " On a date with bae! <3 <3 <3" And off we went to the fair!

 Lucas POV

 Why did I say that! She was mine all mine! Im gonna go on instagram and make sure she hasn't posted anything. On a date with bae! <3 <3 <3 She is on a date! With Farkle!

 Well it says the location so lets go get Riley back!

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