Chapter Eighteen: The Hunt for the Scientist

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The assassin lifted his knife. It had blueish-green streaks on it and like the others, had a silvery sheen.

I hurled some blasts of water at the assassin, causing him to turn his attention onto me. Another slash of water distracted him long enough for Luke to hurry over and whisk Scover away.

The assassin held my gaze for a few moments, before rolling across to me in a ball and attempting to grab my arm. I jerked it out of the way and blasted a jet of water at his face. The assassin let out a cough, before rolling out of the way. Making a quick turn to face them, I pulled some more water towards me and with a wave of my hand, spread some water onto the floor surrounding the assassin. The second he looked down, I pushed the rest of my water at his chest, sending the assassin into the wall and groaning.

I made sure that the assassin was still before scanning my surroundings. There were only two assassins left so Luke and I each tackled one, and once they were incapacitated we rushed to join Denisse and Scover. Denisse was still holding her pot shards and looking over at Scover in concern. Seeing her worried expression, I turned my attention onto him.

Scover had abandoned his potted plants and was holding his head. He winced, before looking down at his left wrist. As I approached them, Denisse lowered her pot shards.

"What happened?" I asked. Denisse gave me a half shrug and replied, "We were being attacked by that assassin. He was too fast. He grabbed Scover's arm and... sliced it."

"Sliced it?" I gasped, glancing over at Scover again.

"Yeah. I was scared because there was no blood. What if it severely hurts him?" Denisse questioned.

There wasn't any blood on the knives in the forest too. What's preventing the blood from flowing out?

"At the cave... before we got captured... the knives also didn't cause blood," I noted, "Hope it didn't cause any serious injuries."

I approached Scover warily, still remembering what had happened the last time he needed help.

"It's the knives, right?" I asked Scover and he nodded.

"Not sure how but it causes headaches. Watch your arms," Scover warned, looking down at his arm again. There appeared to be a thin slit but there was barely any blood.

"Luke, how do we counter this?" I called him over. Luke was next to us in seconds and he stared at the slit.

"Headache," Scover explained and Luke scratched his head.

"Hard to find painkillers here. Gotta hope Dr Jerydonn's lab has some," Luke concluded, "Is it okay for you to walk?"

Scover nodded and we quickly decided that Luke could take the lead while Denisse would guard Scover. I passed Denisse and Scover some knives from the assassins lying on the ground and gathered a large amount of water to utilise as we went along.

Shortly after turning a corner we were greeted by a trio of guards, two of them reached for their ropes and one which grabbed her communicating device behind her ear. I shot two jets of water, one at her face and one at her stomach, blasting the female guard to the ground. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Luke making a lunge for the other guards' legs, managing to tackle one down. With another quick slice of water at the remaining guard, we had cleared the way for Denisse and Scover.

"It's a dead end," Luke confirmed as he ran back to us after turning down one more corridor. "Stay close."

Unlike the plain white doors of the first corridor we were in, the doors along this particular row were a pastel blue and had numbers beside the doors in plaques.

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