Chapter Ten: Say Bye to the Eyes

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What have I done?

What have I done?

What did I just do?

You just agreed to remove the serum, another voice in my head answered.

I did not mean to, why would I?

Both ways result in the serum being taken out, there was not much of a 'choice'.

The next few minutes were spent trying to calm myself down with positive thoughts, but the best case scenario was that I would be able to go back to my old life, but would most likely have to live through the chaos that would follow. I winced. Doesn't sound good at all. Torture in another form.

Definitely don't need that to happen.

Then what do I need?

A plan.

Using my powers will be difficult, since as the man mentioned earlier, he blocked off water for quite a distance. Unless I have water, but would such an intelligent kidnapper be so stupid to pass me even a glass?

I traced the mark on my feet made by the ropes earlier. The man decided to release me from them before rushing off. Having my legs tied for several hours had blocked the flow of blood, causing my feet to fall asleep.

Standing up from the metal chair, which was now warm, I circled the room, analysing exactly what kind of cage the man had placed me in. To my dismay, there were no windows nor drains of any sort. Even if I was powerful enough to manipulate water from far distances, it would be useless.

A quick glance at the clear glass opposite me told me that the coast could potentially be clear, but a simple touch of my finger sent up an electric current up my hand, and I jerked it back. My heart sank.

It must be similar to the ropes.

I need to get out of here.

I thought about our supplies and weapons from DEflayte, but shook my head upon remembering how we abandoned the heavier items in the hotel room.

Suddenly, another current jabbed me in my wrist. I flinched for a second, before frowning. Why now?

Just moments after that thought, two tiles in the floor in front of me parted, splitting open to reveal a third tile rising from below. Several smaller tiles followed to support the tile, which held a single plate of food.


A poke around the food with the spork – they really couldn't risk me using a fork as a weapon, couldn't they – informed me that the meal comprised of mushy broccoli and carrots, some tinned meat, mashed potato, and a huge slice of watermelon that seemed overly large to feed a teenage girl.

I sighed. No water, I bet the assassins figured my power was related to that.

Then, it occurred to me. They gave me such a large amount of watermelon to get enough nutrients, but I can't absorb and control watermelon juice.

The food was tempting, but before I could spoon some broccoli into my mouth, a new plan surfaced into my head.

Don't eat anything, maybe they'll give you water.

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