Chapter Four: Run or Die

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"Run!" I yelled, turning around to grab our bags from the luggage rack.

Denisse quickly shut the computer down and disabled all her equipment before hiding them in her bag. We crouched behind the door, trying to listen out for the person they might have sent to find us. More like me.

They located us so quickly, I might be kidnapped in less than five minutes from now, considering the fact that the users on DEflayte had trained assassins at their disposal.

The train shook again, and I heard the ominous thump as an attacker landed in the train. Judging how much softer it was compared to the previous, they most likely landed in the front of the cabins and were planning to check each cabin, one by one. There was not much time for us to act.

The train screeched to a stop, most likely to investigate the interruption, and Denisse opened the door just wide enough for us to squeeze through.

It's now or never.

With that thought, I raced out of the cabin and sprinted to the back, where the back door was. The table towards the end was large enough for Denisse and me to hide for a while. I only took a ten-second dash to reach it. I was about to peer back at Denisse and wave to her, but a disturbing thought hit me. If I looked back, they might recognise me because I had left my contact lenses in the cabin. Thus, I whipped out my phone, switched it to camera mode, and stuck only the camera out.

The presumed attacker was most likely a woman, dressed in a grey suit. As she flung open a cabin door and dipped her head in the cabin to check, I beckoned Denisse to follow.

No. Too slow. Denisse tried to run, but her suitcase clunked loudly against the wall. The attacker looked up and started to run towards her.

Great, now we have to run. I dashed in front of Denisse, just as she mumbled, "Don't look back!" hoping that the pursuer would not hear. However, from the panic rising in her voice, it was clear that she was gaining on us.

Several ceramic plates sat on a table outside the kitchen, and an idea hit me. I passed them to Denisse, who threw them into the floor behind us. As I had planned, the plates shattered, hopefully leaving broken shards behind, like a landmine.

"No, she cleared them!" Denisse muttered, cursing under her breath.

Unable to control myself, I look back. The attacker had bounced herself off the wall and avoided the plates. Her eyes narrowed, and she sped forward with a burst of energy.

No, she recognises me! She works for one of the DEflayte users. I can't let her get me now! Fear gripped me and I raced forward, only to see the anticipated last cabin.

Almost there, there's the emergency door! I briefly turned back to face Denisse, who reached inside her pocket and tossed me a small black stick-like object, making a sticking motion with her finger. I slowed down to avoid crashing into the wall, before turning to insert the stick into the train's old-fashioned key hole.

"Help!" I turned to face Denisse, who the attacker had knocked down. My eyes widened, and I faced the door again. Come on, Iolla, open the door.

However, just as I had inserted it, pain shot through my back, and I collapsed. The attacker was just in front of me, her head tilted to the side as her eyes studied me. She was holding something in her right hand.

A dagger. I froze.

"No! Don't take her, take me!" Denisse cried out. She's sacrificing herself for me.

"I don't want you." The attacker growled. She turned back to face me.

"I want you. You're one of them." She added.

Me? Who's 'them'?

The attacker's hand reached out......

No. No. NO!

Whoosh! Water blasted straight at her chest, knocking her backwards onto the floor. I gasped and stumbled backwards. Denisse gaped at me.

"What the......" Her voice trailed off as I stared at my hands. They were dripping wet, the water droplets glistening in the light.

I turned back to the door and turned the stick. With a satisfying click, the door swung open, and I quickly grabbed my bags.

"Denisse, we have to go. She might wake up soon."

"Coming." Denisse swiped something from the female assassin, pocketed it, and picked up her bags. "Let's go before they find us."

I helped her down from the train and scanned our surroundings. The train had stopped in the middle of the countryside. On the left of the track was a valley with mountains that towered over us. On the right side of the track was a meadow, and the cattle that were grazing.

I did not care where to. All I did was run.

And here's to another epic escape! 

Where do you think they will go?

Where do you think they will go?

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