Chapter Fifteen: One Good Shot

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Confusion covered Denisse and me like a blanket.

"He's not usually like that, right?" Denisse asked me.

I shook my head. He's usually quiet.

"Everyone, please gather in the living area. I've got a plan," We heard Luke call from the living room area of the apartment.

Denisse and I quickly moved out and gathered outside with Christopher, Braya, Luke and Scover. We took our places on the sofas, on the armchairs and the floor. Luke came in holding our drinks from earlier and placed them on the coffee table.

"Our main goal, right now, is to get Dr Jerydonn, since he was the one who created the serum and the machine which can remove the serum," Luke announced.

"But Luke, that's assuming that we trust Mr Weaber's word," Braya pointed out.

"That's true. But remember, he didn't say that to us. He said it in front of the DEflayte buyers. I doubt he'd dare to cross them, since they're the ones with the assassins," Luke replied.

I had to agree with him. If Mr Weaber decided to betray the people on DEflayte, he'd have assassins and mercenaries after him.

"Guys, look. Denisse is in the chat, right? We could have Denisse pretend to be a buyer and ask Mr Weaber for the location of Dr Jerydonn," Luke suggested.

We fell silent, trying to process this in our minds.

"We need a good excuse to do so without seeming suspicious," I stated.

"Yeah... why would someone want to see Dr Jerydonn for?" Christopher wondered, scratching his head.

I racked my brains, trying my best to recall what the DEflayte bidders had said during the attempted removal of the serum. Several people were excited, several were gawking at us, some were busy bidding, one asked where they could buy the serum, several were drinking water that I ended up using against the assassins guarding us...


I halted.

Someone wanted to know where they could buy the serum!

"I remember. One of the bidders asked Mr Weaber where they could buy the serum," I recalled.

"Bingo," Luke replied, snapping his fingers.

"Surely by now even more people would have joined the chat. I can pretend to be one of them and ask Mr Weaber for Dr Jerydonn's location!" Denisse cried, her eyes lighting up as she caught on.

"It's brilliant!" Braya let out a whoop.

"Should I message him privately?" Denisse asked.

"No, don't. Ask him in the main chat so he can't ignore you and others will see it," Luke suggested.

"Great idea!" Denisse replied, pulling on a new pair of black fingerless gloves which she had probably bought from the clothes store.

Turning on her computer, she attached her computer equipment to her laptop and we watched as her fingers danced across her keyboard. A few moments later, she turned the laptop screen to face us so we could see what was going on in the chat:

ASHESLynn sent, '@Krire Bewtacap There's a machine to remove the serum right?

Krire Bewtacap replied, 'Yes.'

ASHESLynn sent, 'Where can I buy it? Who invented it?

Krire Bewtacap replied, 'A scientist named Dr Jerydonn invented it.'

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