Chapter Sixteen: The Eyes of Thoughts

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"What do we do?" Denisse asked.

"Well, it doesn't seem right to ask Scover. Christopher was very hesistant to even tell me so it must be a sensitive matter. We should instead let the matter drop and wait for them to tell us when they're ready instead," I suggested.

"Good idea," Denisse agreed.

"I should go to sleep now," I yawned, sitting on one of the beds.

Denisse nodded, then turned off the bedroom's lights, leaving us in darkness except for her laptop which illuminated her face and I watched her for a while before taking my much-needed rest.

"Iolla... Iolla?" A voice awoke me and I sat up, only to see Braya standing in front of me, turning around.

"Hmm? What happened? Have we been spotted?" I asked, glancing outside. It looked like it was early in the morning, judging from the dim lights from the city blocks.

"I need a bit of help. Could you help me get a glass of water?" Braya asked.

"Of course," I replied, walking to the kitchen. After pouring water into a cup and handing it to Braya, she thanked me and drank the water. Some of her hair was drifting into her cup.

"Uh, Braya, some of your hair is getting into your cup," I notified her.

"Noted. It's fine, that happens all the time," Braya shrugged it off.

"Right, but why don't you tie it up, then?" I questioned.

"Well, I won't see it anyways, so it doesn't matter," Braya stated.

That makes sense, I suppose. Wait, it doesn't.

"But I thought you can... see? How were you able to take down the assassins so easily?" I wondered. How does that even work? I'm confusing myself.

"I'm blind and cannot see. But my power allows me to sense movement, not actually take down the assassins. I used to learn Jiu-Jitsu when I was young and it's not that hard. Since it's close quarters, I just have to wait for opponents to try to take advantage of me and then fight back," Braya clarified.

"So your power isn't related to your eyes?" I quizzed.

"No... I don't see but rather sense. It's quite confusing, but at least I know how it works?"

"True," I remarked, pouring another cup of water for me.

"By the way, how did you four get stuck in that underground compound anyway?" Braya queried.

"Oh, I was on the run from the assassins and escaped with Denisse. We tried to take a train to Waverhill but took a detour after an assassin chased us. We stayed in a hotel room for a while when Christopher found us that night. We went out the next morning to practise our powers when Christopher started tossing these... leaves. He started chasing after the leaves so we followed him. They lead us to this cave. Christopher was um... very eager to find Scover and started trying to help him escape, but you know, something felt off. You can kind of sense when something's wrong, and all the alarms were going off in my head," I explained.

"A trap," Braya answered.

"Yeah, turns out the assassins were waiting to ambush us. Denisse was knocked out and Christopher and I had to fight the assassins, but we were captured despite trying to escape," I added. It's been a rather rough three days.

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