Chapter Six: Three Forms an Alliance

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The staff member darted inside our hotel room, and instead of pushing past Denisse, he simply looked at her, and she slammed against the wall.

"Ow!" Denisse groaned in pain, wincing as she rubbed her back.

He turned around to face the door, which closed upon his gaze. In that short moment, I picked up a glass and aimed at his head.

"You're one of us," the hotel staff member, even though I questioned whether he really was one, growled, "so show it."

Wait. I had heard that sentence before. The memory flashed before my eyes. "You're one of them." The female assassin on the train had said. It struck me.

With one hand, I lowered the glass and removed my hood with the other before staring at him straight in his eyes.

"Well, from your eyes, seems like you're part of this wild ride too," he joked, holding his hand out, "I'm Christopher Bronie, but you can call me Chris."

"My name's Iolla Kecky," I replied, a smile creeping onto my face as I shook Christopher's hand. I'm not the only one.

"What's your name?" Christopher asked, turning to Denisse.

"Denisse Havicks. I'm Iolla's best friend," Denisse introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you guys. Don't mind if I take off this hotel staff suit. It's so hot," Christopher complained, unbuttoning his black suit and tossing his tie onto the table. He had worn the staff clothing over his original attire, which consisted of an exercise shirt and blue pants. He explained that he had first snuck into the hotel and hid his bag before disguising as the staff member.

When Christopher had left the room to retrieve his bag, Denisse turned to gawk at me. What a surprise, she mouthed, before sitting onto her bed.

I nodded. That just took an interesting turn.

After Christopher had returned, he tossed his bag onto the floor, before pointing to the sofa in the corner.

"Mind if I take the sofa?" He asked sheepishly.

"Feel free," I replied.

When he had folded his staff clothing away into the wardrobe, I decided to seize the opportunity to find out more about Christopher.

"How did you find us?" I questioned, remembering how Denisse and I had abandoned the train ride earlier that day.

"I helped Denisse to acquire two fake profiles of female teenagers," Christopher explained.

"Cunning Kitsune?" Denisse gasped out. He smiled.

"Had he not been helping us, we could have been found!" I exclaimed, turning to Denisse.

She stared at me, waving a hand. "Now is not the time to criticize the usefulness of DEflayte."

"What's your power?" I asked Christopher.

He smirked and looked around the room. His bag levitated into the air, before being unzipped. A sharp knife flew out, and drove into the table.

I eyed Christopher. His eyes were fired up and focused onto the objects that he controlled.

"That's how I got the staff suit. I smashed a heavy novel into a staff member's head, and it knocked him out." Christopher added, before letting out a sigh. "Though, I'm trying to be careful with how hard I hit, as it was probably not his fault that I had to do it. I did not know if he could be connected or working for those on DEflayte."

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