Chapter Twelve: Five Make a Team

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If there was one thing I did not realise during my time in the cell, it was the fact that guards were, in fact, everywhere.

"There they are!" We turned to see five guards running towards us as they uncoiled brown ropes. Sparks flickered across them.

Are those the ones they used to capture us?

Before I could even warn the others, the teenage girl charged with equal enthusiasm, while Christopher stared them down. Literally.

"There's a lot of them," the teenage girl hollered above the cries of a guard as she kicked his face, "Go ahead to find Denisse!"

"How do you know where she is?" I asked back.

"We don't!" Luke answered, before speeding off.

I glanced down the corridor before running after him.

The place was a maze, seemingly empty walls ending the corridors, yet some part of me knew (after seeing the secret entrance to the laboratory) that doors and exits were everywhere. All we had to do was to activate them.

"How do you plan to find her?" I questioned. The walls were deceiving; I did not dare walk too close to them, lest a trap popped out.

Luke buzzed over me and pointed down a corner. "They're entering, probably to check on her. Let's wait for them to open the door first. I'll cause a distraction, you go get her out."

I nodded, and swirled the water into a tiny tornado with my hands, and waited.

The guards' footsteps could have been soft, but together, we could estimate their direction.

"...guard...girl..." Those were the only words I caught from their muffled conversation.

How many are there waiting for us?

Luke peeked around the corner, and a moment later, he jerked his head back with a nod.

Here we go.

Luke raced ahead of me, taking out a guard, who shouted the alarm. The rest of the guards immediately responded to his attack, yelling as they whipped out their weapons.

I should go help him, what if he get captured? Or worse, used as bait to trap the others? But the moment I looked at Luke, I was sure something flashed in his eyes before he ran off.

Sparks flew across his eyes again, as if to say, "Trust me."

Mere moments later, the guards dashed towards Luke, who drew a knife of his own.

He must have retrieved it from one of the other guards.

Taking advantage of the distraction, I raced to the now-open secret entrance, but slowed down at the sight of two guards. One of them, a large-sized male, snarled, "Come forward if you dare." Meanwhile, his smaller and younger counterpart fumbled for his radio, but I blasted it out of his suit before he could even say a word.

The first guard was on me in a second, tackling me to the floor with a powerful leap. I pulled the water from the floor and blasted it at his face. He groaned, and took a step back. Spinning the remaining with my hands, I prepared myself as the younger guard shakily drew his knife. He looked no more than thirty.

From the looks of it, he's not very experienced. Or it could be an act.

I gave him a smile, and blasted water at him. He buckled over, losing his grip on his knife, which he scrambled after.

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