Chapter Seventeen: Four Form a Squad

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Patrick Weaber.

That was the first name that came to my mind. Who else could it be?

He stood up and I recognised the glasses and the dark hair.

He took another three steps forward and stuck his hands in his pockets.

"Seems like you guys have had enough rest," Patrick remarked, leaning against the wall. "I must say, I'm quite surprised by the party you brought to tour."

Yes, quite the group we are, I thought, reaching for the water bottle in my backpack.

"You know, sometimes I wonder what makes you six fight back. Do you even have any idea what's happening?" Patrick questioned.

"Barely. But could kill us at any time, so I don't see how it's so difficult," Luke stated, his fingers twitching restlessly at his side. Luke's tempting him. Is this part of the plan?

Patrick chuckled. "So if you barely know what's happening, what makes you think you know the difference between your allies and your enemies?"

"One has his life at stake and the other has power," Luke retorted, his tone twisting. I stilled. It isn't going anywhere, is it?

"Aha, but are you sure that's all?" Patrick replied coolly. "Say what you will, but there's a lot more lives at stake than you think. Just think of the people who could benefit from this serum."

"Competition for power will still exist," Luke persisted. Why is he still going?

"No, think of the people you could save. The diseases you could cure," Patrick went on, taking several steps forward. Behind me, Denisse took several steps back, nudging Braya to the side. Luke went silent.

This will end badly.

"Oh, and the super soldiers they'll create," Christopher hollered down the corridor.

"Power isn't free. I know the cost. Seems like you do too," Patrick snapped back.

"No one should have that amount of power," Christopher yelled, making Denisse jump. "I- we won't be your pets to tame, neither your weapons to use."

"That serum is wasted potential," Patrick countered.

In response, Christopher shook his head.

Patrick's eyes scanned through us before they landed on Scover and he grinned.

"Only six?" he taunted, tilting his head ever so slightly.

A quick glance to Scover and I noticed how he had started fidgeting. He started swaying – no, shaking – ever so slightly. My grip on the water bottle tightened.

Patrick simply tilted his head.

A second later Patrick's knife was whizzing towards us. Luke reacted first and barely caught the handle. He took it in his hands and brushed his fingers over the blade. I glanced at the direction of the knife had been thrown in. Even at its speed, it was deliberately thrown to just miss Braya. Why?

"Get down!" I snapped out of my mind at Christopher's yell and ducked, looking up just in time to see three assassins swinging from above. As Braya took down two of them, Luke hurried over to Denisse, Scover and I because we had all ducked to the ground.

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