P R E L U D E :

For you to read this right now, that must mean in some way or another, you've allowed Finn and Mia's story, along with the rest's, to live inside your hearts.

And you know what?

I love you for that.

And I love you for so much more.

I love you for updating your library, I love you for clicking on this, I love you for reading each and every chapter that this story has. I love you for bringing my spirits up after a harrying day. I love you for following me, for voting, for commenting.

I'm not like Finn who realizes it too late, because I've known it since the very beginning: I love you. For everything.

Thank you so much for not only being with me but for putting your arm around my shoulders and helping me through this journey. This is the first time, in my entire life, that I've finished writing a full-length novel.

And, in all honesty, I never would have done so without you.

You are lovely, lovely, lovely. Please give me a chance to be friends with you / chat with you; I would love to know the people that made "How to Fall in Love" what it is right now.

Again, and I will never get tired of saying this, thank you.

Q & A :

In the last few chapters, in my inbox, and in my ask account (http://ask.fm/roastedpiglet), I have received a few questions. Here, I will reiterate my answers for you.

1 ) Who is Miles' Filipino friend?

Answer: Pearl is the name of Miles' friend. They met in college, specifically Kimberly University in Minnesota, and they've had exactly nineteen meetings which taught Miles slowly, then fast, then slowly again, the sad, sometimes happy, and always tragic tale of how he fell in love with her.

1.a) Will you be writing a spin-off about Miles and his Filipino friend?

Answer: I have written a spin-off about Miles and his Filipino friend set two years before the timeline of HTFIL and posted it on Wattpad last year. The thing is, I got stuck on the fourth chapter and since then, I haven't written a word. So in essence, no—I will not be writing a spin-off about Miles and his Filipino friend. [Sorry! :(]

2) What happened to Alex? He just disappeared.

Answer: Sorry about that. In my defense, I did say in Chapter 42 that Alex apologized to Mia before he went his way and have not appeared in the story since. But since Mia hasn't come to Laurel-Tech since that chapter, and Alex has no objective to meet her after the drama he fused in Chapter 36, there really was no reason—and immediate way—for them to meet again.

2.a) Did you plan to make Alex a bad guy?

Answer: Truth be told, he and his cousin are natural assholes. Haha. But to answer that, yes, I've always thought Alex to be a bad guy NOT in his actions, but in the INTENTION he has behind them. All throughout, he's been a good friend to Mia, helping her; but the reason behind which is he's using her to try and get over Claudette.

2.b) Don't you think Mia slapping him three times, pinching his cheeks, then throwing water to his face in Chapter 36 are a bit too much?

Answer: Yes, I wholly believe that. Mia's gone overboard. But she did it with reason—the pent-up anger she's tried to bury in her heart resurfaced, and that was when she. Finally. Blew. Up. It's just an unfortunate thing that it's Alex who had to be in the receiving end of her lava.

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