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c h a p t e r  f o r t y - s e v e n

[  h o w  t o  g o  b a c k  t o  t h e  c o r n e r  ]

          At the mention of airports and flights, there were three things that came into mind.

1) Miles was leaving in two weeks' time. There were still so many things I wanted to do with him, as friends, and there were still several questions fluttering in my head at the mention of him; but I had no right to—and even if I did I wouldn't—tell him not to go.

2) I was going to leave in a week's time. In Birmingham, on the fourth of October, I'd be starting my life as someone with official training in writing. At this point, whether or not one of my books would be published by a known publishing company, I still wouldn't pass up an enriching creative writing programme—I'd researched on it and found it to be phenomenal—in a country I'd never been to before, two opportunities that would let me experience new things I could incorporate into my writing.

3) Finn was leaving in a couple minutes' time.

Or was he?

Once Finn braked the car at a red stoplight, I turned to him with arched eyebrows. "You're going to miss your flight?"

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