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I love you so, so, so much, and even if Finn and Mia's story is ending in How to Fall in Love, you have to remember that they live on foreverif you let them. I'm really not emotional. [devil whispers] Liar.

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This is the last chapter. The next one will be the epilogue.

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c h a p t e r  f i f t y - o n e

[  h o w  t o  f a l l  i n  l o v e  ]

          Over a hundred people attended my mother's funeral Friday afternoon.

It was a couple of hours fraught with tears, regret, and heartbreak—all factors that pinpoint the death of a loved one. The funeral was held at Ever Perpetual Cemetery here at Queens, with my mother's casket pulled down the earth next to my father's. The priest was a fairly good one in blessing the casket with his bottle of holy water—there was something about him that assured the attenders that my mother would indeed be all right in the next life.

Someone who was also good at assurance was Leonardo, he to whom I was sat next under the vast tent he'd rented for the funeral. Several mono-block chairs were put next to each other to give seat to all who attended—there was Aunt Isabel, Uncle Israel, Mr. Kendrick, my mother's colleagues in Fischer Medical Hospital, and several others whose lives were touched by my mother.

The funeral lasted for a few hours—first there was a Holy Mass, next there was the dreadful part of the relatives having to take the podium and speak about my mother with tears spilling over their lashes, and then there was the laying down of the casket six feet under the ground. Through all those I'd been able to hold back my tears, not crying when it was my turn to speak and even being the source of a few laughs to lighten the dark atmosphere, and I'd patted Leonardo when I realised he was doing the exact same thing.

One thing to learn about funerals was that if the close relative—or romantic partner—of the dead loved one was stoic with no tears running down their cheeks, that would mean they were trying to hold it together which then meant that they were the ones who'd been most affected by the death. These people were the ones who were going through the most difficult time, and knowing that Leonardo was there with me in the dark cavern wherein death put us gave me a sense of assurance that I was not alone.

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