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c h a p t e r  f i f t y

[  h o w   t o  s a v e  l a u r e l - t e c h  ]

            It was Thursday, several hours post-Daniel's skin-shredding.

            And I was slowly losing my mind.

            Commonly, if I was stuck in a situation that was akin to a quicksand and being swallowed up alive, I would lock myself in my room and cry for days. Right now, I was locked inside my room—but I didn't cry, no.

            I locked myself in my room to devise a plan that would bring down Genesis.

            The thing with situations like this was I had to view it from the most advantageous point, allowing me to perceive the entirety of the scope I was waging wars in. From doing so, I would then map in my head the several possibilities that I could make reality, carefully and thoroughly thinking what the consequence of each would be, and if in the end, it would prove to be the most beneficial.

            With my portable computer on my lap, I had successfully drawn out the five options I had in the Genesis catastrophe which I could follow individually or combine then go with. They were confusing like a mathematical equation that seemingly has no answer, and they made me want to bang my head against the headboard. They were as follow:

                        A. The Anonymous Email

                        I could send Finn an email regarding the people he must look out for, Genesis, and the critical state of Laurel-Tech anonymously from a network far away from my mother's memorial service and any other place Daniel and Sloane and the rest of the team concerned in the mission knew me to be in without having my tracks traced.

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