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e p i l o g u e

two years later

I stared at the mini-picture inside my wallet, smiling.

It was of me, with a girl to my left and a guy to my right—they were the friends I'd found in college here in Queens, and we'd taken this back in March, six months ago, in celebration of Three F's of Love finally being published after months of preparation. Whenever I saw this picture, I would remember how elated I was, how it was the best day that I'd ever come across in a really long while.

I then took out the dollar bill needed, looked at the cashier in front of me, and handed her the money.

"I received ten dollars," she said, placing it inside the register and giving me the change. "Here's your change. Thank you for visiting us. Please come again. Next!"

I carried with me the burger my mother always loved and exited the fast food chain. I then hailed a cab, told its driver the destination, and when the cab reached the place, paid the driver and got out of the cab.

And just like that, I held in one hand a burger—with real meat—and on my other a silver coin as I stood at the façade of Ever Perpetual Cemetery.

I crossed the fields and stopped in front of the gravestones of my parents. I knelt down, placing the burger on my mother's and the coin on my father's. I smiled at the tombstones, and said, "Hey, Mom. It's been a long time, huh? Here, have your burger. I know you love it." I turned to my father's. "Hey, Dad. Here's another coin. I still remember it. How can I forget?"

I couldn't forget.

"You know what happened today, Mom, Dad?" I asked, reaching out and touching their tombstones as though they were there, truly listening to the daughter they left behind. "This guy named Miles, the one I told you about last time? Yeah, that guy is back in New York. Today. He's called me last week and invited me to his welcoming party. You know, it kind of brings back everything that I've almost forgotten these past few years."

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