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Hey, lovelies! It's February nowtime flies so fast! How have you been?

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Thank you so much, lovely peeps! I love you!

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P.S. I tried to make it PG-13. If anything doesn't sit well with you, please let me know :)

P.P.S. Dedicated to Nadia (@xxKeepGoingxx), for being utterly amazing. Thank you! <3


c h a p t e r  f o r t y - s i x

[  h o w  t o  d r o w n  i n  f i r e  ]

          People usually drowned in water—massive oceanic water.

But it was fire.

It was fire I was drowning in.

I instinctively closed my eyes as I felt them—relished and cherished them—Finn's lips.

The sensation of his lips on mine, moving so smoothly yet roughly—hungrily—at the same time, was more than intoxicating—it was slowly killing me, yet exciting me in ways I couldn't name. I felt so alive inside.

In an instant, his fingers cupped my chin as his other hand snaked its way to my face, the warmth of his palm radiating off into my cheek. The touch of his fingers on my skin was so distinctive—he held me with tenderness, with need, with desire. With slow passion and rushing hunger.

His tongue pushed my lips open and I gasped at the force, his tongue entering my mouth, meeting with mine, and tasting me. Urgent, without breaking the kiss, he stood up, and his hand cupping my chin moved to my back and pulled me against him, impatiently, as he carried me and put me on the table, my bottom feeling the coolness of the glass.

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